"Intro Please"

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Are you saying there will be no paid attempts to steal my attention aka advertising..? Woo Hoo (enlightenment music plays in the background)

I go by offgridmaker here obviously. I'm a 47 year old living off-grid in the woods of the Ozarks. I make practical things(mostly) for living a self-reliant lifestyle. Turning discarded junk into useful things is my art and I look forward to sharing it with you. I'm also anticipating a great experience immersing myself in the posts of others.

The idea of a community that entertains, educates and enriches each other with its content and its attention without paid theft of my attention aka advertising is an exciting concept. Plus no centralized censorship..... Count me in.

If I've misunderstood or misrepresented the basic premise of this platform please correct my ignorance.profile pic.jpg

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Welcome welcome! You will find a nice home here. Try posting your next post with the tag #introduceyourself which is a good way for new users to get some coverage.

Have fun! Now following...