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Nesting is an instinct in pregnant animals to prepare a home for upcoming newborns; this is the same thought behind @steemnest. With the influx of new sign-ups after relentless efforts of SteemPH to introduce Steemit to our fellow Filipinos, we feel responsible for creating a first home for these new Steemians.

Like in a nest, they will be housed in a safe environment, fed with important information on how to get started with their journey in Steemit, get help with their queries through responses to their comments in any @steemnest post, and get to engage with both "nestlings" and "matured birds". @steemnest is a project of @steemph originally intended to help level up the contents produced by Filipino Steemians. Steem, being a blockchain however, would allow us to break the national barrier and open the project up to all Steemians regardless of nationality, country of origin or location. Everyone is welcome to learn as well as contribute by using the #steemnest tag.

How Can @steemnest Help?


Steemit Basics

In the next few days, we will be publishing a detailed walk-through of the Steemit interface. It will be a post intended for very new users and is inspired by the things we wish we knew when we first came into the platform. The link will be used for promotion events and will be useful to those who are active in recruiting new sign-ups. This will be followed by similar content providing a walk-through of other platforms connected to the Steem blockchain, like,,, and so on.



Tuturials will be of use for more specific activities, which require step-by-step instructions. Voting Steem Witnesses, using the Internal Market, Powering Up, to name a few.


Content Creation

This will include helpful advise and suggestions on how to compose and format posts. Lessons in writing like thought-organization, Ideation and Grammar will also be a part of this.


Tips and Tricks

Words of wisdom from the pros. Posts that provide valuable insight on how to behave in Steemit, other ways to earn while having fun like joining contests and participating in Steemgig, or existing communities based proximity and interests.

We will have a weekly post featuring content that we believe will help new sign-ups or content creators with their posts. If you'd like to contribute a post, simply add the #steemnest as a tag. You may also contact us in Discord through our Filipino Channel (link below). If you're a newbie or a Steemit user who simply wants to learn, follow us; we look forward to learning with you!

If you are a Filipino, an expat living in the Philippines, or care about the Philippines, please join our growing community in discord by clicking on this picture:


Vote for Our Philippines Witnesses

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Bird Nest
Content Creation

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Hello, your post was nominated for an upvote by a fellow within the Sndbox incubator. Great initiative to help Steemians find their footing @steemnest :D


Thank you, @sndbox! We appreciate your support. =)

That is a great idea set into action! It would be very helpful for a lot of newbies.


We're glad you like it. If you have something to share that you believe would help us with our aim, please let us know. =)


holding contests would be great. I'll do my part in helping the community by engaging with the deserving people that you guys will resteem.

A home for Filipino Steemians. This is a wonderful idea. Now, it won't be so difficult for newbies to blend in with the community. The nest will nurture them and enhance their skills. Much love!


Thanks for the support, @lyxng! Do use the tag #steemnest for any contribution you might want to share. =)

Thanks @steemnest and steemph for this great initiative. This will definitely benefit all, new and old. 😍


We'll be looking out for your contributions, @arrliinn! =D


101% support for you guys. 😍

Yay finally! We've done wonders in 2017, 2018 is looking even more promising!

Steemph in action!

Thanks for spearheading this project @dandalion!


And thank you to all your support, mem @dreamiely! =D

Thank you @steemnest.. this would help alot, to steemians like me.. thank you so much.. looking forward..


We look forward to learning with you @davinsh!

Nice idea to help newbies. I wish this had been around when I first dipped my toes into the Steemit pool!


We feel you. =D Some of our future posts will be based on what we wished we knew when we were just starting. Do let us know of the things you would have found helpful and don't forget to tag us so we can share them!

This is a great help for new Steemian like me. Im looking forward for more updates. Thank you in advance and more power.


We see that you're also very new @titanthirdy, and we hope to help you in making your journey in Steemit a successful one. We look forward to learning with you. Steem on!

Upvoted and re-steemed!


Thank you for the support, @bayanihan!

It's really help a newbie, thanks @steemnest. Followed and resteemed.


Thank you for the support @marlon82!

Buo ang suporta ko sa proyektong ito! 😍

Very informative. Thank you!


You're welcome! =)

I am so excited to learn with the help of @steemnest

The discord photo is not clickable


Hi @coinbelly!

Sorry about the link. It might be broken so we'll make sure to fix that in our next posts. Please try this link instead