@BirthdayBoost - Reflections on Starting A New Steem Community

3년 전

Being apart of a smaller community (or multiple communities) is an important part of the Steem experience.

I have enjoyed creating content and building relationships, so I thought the next natural step in my Steem journey would be to start a support community for other members.

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The Goal

@BirthdayBoost is a Steem community that celebrates its members' birthdays (either the day you took your first breath or the day you joined the Steem community).

On your special day, you will receive a birthday boost from the community. Every other day of the year, we will collectively give birthday boosts out to other people!

The Requirements

I detailed all of the requirements the following post - Introducing @BirthdayBoost.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Let us know your birthdate (day and month). You can either choose to celebrate your real birthday or your Steem birthday.
  2. Delegate 15 Steem Power to @BirthdayBoost.
  3. Follow the @BirthdayBoost voting trail.

What I have learned So Far In the Process

Building trust is important!

I have been very impressed with the quality of people I have met in the larger Steem community, but we all know that for every good person there are others who are trying to scam us or spam us.

I missed the opportunity to build trust in the original introduction post because I failed to share about my involvement - I failed to provide the personal touch. So as I received feedback I made corrections, and I am hoping that writing a post about @BirthdayBoost from my personal account will add to the authenticity and reliability of this new community account.

I do want people to feel comfortable with their involvement with @BirthdayBoost. I want to encourage you to advocate for yourself as you participate in any Steem community or project. Don't do something that goes against your gut or the guidelines you follow within the larger Steem universe.

Final Thoughts

I hope you will consider joining the best birthday party on the Steem blockchain. As we grow we will be able to provide bigger and better boosts as we celebrate you on your special day.


Ready to join the party? Check out this post for all of the details.

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This does sound like a very nice initiative @sumatranate. We can all use a little kindness and remembrance in life.

As I recall, someone ran a "semi-bot" for a while that posted a list of every active account's anniversaries every day, and then would leave them a little greeting on one of their posts. I think it stopped when they reached the point where it was the anniversary of thousands of people having joined on a particular day.

This kind of opt-in program might be nice.

Bright Blessings!


Thanks for the comment. Thousands of people sounds a bit overwhelming to me.

I know I can't help/encourage/celebrate everyone, but I hope to be apart of an effort where the people who join feel like that they are supported and celebrated well.

Thanks for stopping by!

This really is a great project that I thoroughly endorse...and I'm a witness so... :)

get involved in the Birthday Party to beat all other Birthday Parties.


Thanks for your endorsement! Glad that you joined the party, and I look forward to celebrating together.

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Cool idea. I’ll have to check it out!


@dkid14, thanks for stopping be. Check it out! We would love for you to join the party.

I just read your post on editing your thumbnails for posts from last year. Thank you for it! It was super helpful.

I tweeted a link to it. LMK if you're on twitter and I'll tag you.


I am glad that you found my post helpful. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am on Twitter. My account is @SumatraNate.

Such a col idea off to check the other post


@tattoodjay, let me know if you have any questions about @birthdayboost. Hoping that you join the party.

wow it is good initiative my friend....I love to support it my friend @sumatranate, I followed it already


Thanks for following @birthdayboost. I appreciate all of your support.

untuk saat ini saya tidak mungkin bisa bergabung, steem saya baru tiga 3,,terima kasih sudah memberikan informasinya


Tidak apa-apa. Jangan berhenti tambah Steem Power supaya bisa berkahi orang lain. Trims teman!

saya akan menabung steem saya, suatu saat saya akan bergabung dalam komunitas, sampai ketemu disana, terima kasih sudah berbagi informasi


Nabung terus! Saya juga menabung Steemku supaya akunnya lebih kuat lagi.

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happy birthday to you!