Re-invention: It takes a lifetime to know your life!

2년 전

My name is Brian, I am originally from the San Francisco Bay area, and have spent most of my life living along the west coast of the USA, in places like Seattle, Washington ( School- University of Washington grad in Forest Engineering), San Diego, CA (Work- Construction Supervision), Los Angeles (Work- Construction Management), and Portland, Oregon (Work- Custom Home building) I have since then lived in Texas, and now have a home near the beach in North Carolina. I currently split my time between North Carolina and Iquitos, Peru'.

You see, after graduation, I went to work for the Burlington Northern Railroad as a Forest Engineer for their operations in NE Washington state and in the Cascade Mountains, east of Seattle.
But it didn't take me long to realize that my prospects for a long-term career in forest management were limited. I took that Winter off and helped a family friend deliver his Sailboat from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico stopping in San Diego on the way to visit my parents who were living there.

The seeds of the idea for moving to San Diego were sown on that visit. In the meanwhile, I decided to make one last try at staying in Forestry, and after returning from Mexico, flew to New Zealand to interview there.

I nearly took an offer, but decided that it wasn't the right time, and that I wanted to further my interest in Construction management.

So, I returned to Seattle to pack my things and move with hopes of finding something in the then booming San Diego Market.

I managed RE-INVENTING myself from a Forest Engineer to a Construction Supervisor, working on a large prison construction project. From there my girlfriend and I moved to Los Angeles so that she could further her career in Nursing. I hired on with a Civil Engineering/Legal firm and went on to supervising large condominium projects in Pasadena, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. By this time I had married my girlfriend and we decide to move back to Seattle.

Before doing that, I had one last project to finish in the upscale Larchmont district of Los Angeles.

When this was complete we departed Los Angeles taking the long way around to return to Seattle. First flying to London, England, then eventually making a complete circumnavigation of the planet, arriving in Seattle almost one year later! This gave me my first real taste of long term travel.

Returning to work north of Seattle I decided I wanted to teach myself Home Building in a production setting, and hired on with a large multi-national Home builder there. Within 90 days of hire I was Construction Manager for a 350 lot subdivision. This subsequently led to my relocation to Portland where my two sons were born.

When I heard that I was to become a father, I decided to REINVENT myself again and become a home-based small business owner, so that I could take part in my sons development and growth. I was NOT going to be an absentee dad. With my wife working roughly 2/3rds full time and with me working from home, we were able to be equal to the task of hands on parenting as a team.

After the big crash of 2008, my Home Construction business dried up and blew away. I had been running my own Home building and Remodeling business out of a home office since the birth of my two sons, and had some success with it during the halcyon days of Portland's tight regulations on land use and loose credit- a powerful combination!

But I could see the handwriting on the wall and decided it was time to "reinvent" myself again.

I finally decided I had time to take an offer to visit some friends who had moved to Southern Peru'. I went, and fell in love with the place. Especially the Jungle. The Amazon! I had wanted to see the Amazon since I was a little boy, and here was my chance.

I had been given an aquarium by my father at a young age, and his passion for animals, and fish-keeping in particular, gave me a desire to see and understand the Tropics and all of it's biodiversity.

So, since my wife and I had discussed plans about retiring overseas. I decide to RE-INVENT myself again! This time as a Jungle guide and Eco-adventurer!

I started a Jungle guide business in the Peruvian jungle that has been operating now for nearly eight years. And it has been a real education in so many ways!

First I taught myself Spanish! Then I learned about the quirks and pitfalls of doing business in South America! As I have gone through this adventure, trying to be successful in a second home, and in a second language, I have learned a lot about a lot of things, perhaps most notably things about myself.

I learned how to learn again, and to pace myself and watch what people DO, not so much listen to what they say. I have learned to look for opportunities and be creative in problem solving.

My Kids are grown now, and they may not always understand what I did and why I did it, but I think it is important for them to see me take a vision and run with it. Take an idea and put passion with it. Work, push strive, fail and get up and try again.

So, here I am, on the cusp of a new personal RE-INVENTION. Where do I want to go from here? The options are too many, and I must focus my energy and concentrate on what is the most interesting to me and has that "spark". I want to be outdoors, I want to work with living things, and I want to do something that will add value to my life as well as to those around me.

Speaking on the subject of re-invention, and coming from a man who made an entire lifetime out of constant personal and professional re-invention. is one of my favorite celebrity quotes, from the singer David Bowie RIP.
He said

"I don't know where I am going from here, but I can promise you, it won't be boring."

So, if you have read this far, I salute you! I hope you will find it interesting in the months ahead to follow me and look over my shoulder as I RE-INVENT myself again. This time into something completely different, yet borrowing heavily from the life experiences and skills I've accumulated up to this point.

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Welcome to Steemit!

I used to live in Seattle too...

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.47.35 PM.png


Thanks! And thanks for the upvote! I arrived in Seattle in the mid 70's. It's change ALOT since then! But remember: " the bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle!" hahaha. When it's not cloudy and raining! LOL Best to you and make it another great day!!!!

Welcome to the community Brian! Great first post! Upvoted!!


Cheers and Thanks!

hi truewheel, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

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Positive vibes are the best vibes! Thanks much for the upvote! As I get used to this Steemit thing, I will get better and better. Thanks for the direction and have a great day!

Buen Post, me alegra poder compartir contigo


Gracias por el "upvote"y espero poder devolverle el favor cuando comprendo como funciona Steemit! Me siento honrada de ser parte de una comunidad tan positiva y constructiva. ¡ Haz hoy otro gran día!

Welcome to the platform and best wished on your re-invention! Just gave you a big upvote and resteem for this awesome intro post. Look forward to following your journey and hope you will give me a follow back!




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Thanks for your kind words. I am just getting started!

GREAT POST! real definition of what you have to do.. first step and then steem it ; )

thats cool that you learned the language a lot of people relocate and try to change the language of the locals. Blessings to you and welcome to the steemit community!



Hi Brian. My name is Aaron aka @shauntaemonte. I am a relatively new user but I wanted to reach out and say hi. Whether you've come to realize it yet or not networking and building up a community of supporters is key to success here. After reading your introduction, perhaps our interests are similar enough we can appreciate each other's posts and share comments and support.

Equally important is educating ourselves about steemit and the community and the rules. In fact it's probably equally or more important to learn how things work and start commenting, communicating and accumulating followers as it is to creating content. Do both things.

I also wanted to point you to This site will give you more detailed information about your reputation value, your voting power and your voting weight. It will also provide you a real-time ledger of all your steemit transactions and show when people give you comments, replies and up-votes as well as dreaded down-votes. And sadly I must say it can happen, so caution you again to pay attention to the rules.

There are a lot of articles and information out there so just google a question and you should find the answer. Also feel free to send me a comment with a question and we can share ideas.

BTW, I was born in Berkely and currently reside in Los Angeles.

Kindly, if you follow, up-vote, or resteem me, please make a comment so I know. And why. That way I know if I'm sharing things of interest to the community and also I can repay you in-kind for doing so.

Thank you,


Thanks, this is all great info. that will help he up off the steep part of the Steemit learning curve!

I hope you can succeed in all your life in all your life,


Wow, now that's a full life @truewheel. Love that you are going to RE-INVENT yourself again. We all should not be happy with our status quo and always know where to stretch ourselves and GROW like the lovely forests!

All the best and a BIG Welcome to you onto Steemit. If I can help you in any way, please holla.

Blessings to you.

Mel @coachmelleow


Thanks Coach! I know for sure one thing about myself. I suck at sitting around waiting for things to happen..... Hahaha! and I will take you up on that offer of help! I can use all of that I can get!

Wow. So much to learn from your experiences. Looking forward to read about your experiences in your future posts.


Thanks and I hope to add value here and see where this takes me!! Make it another great day!

The pics deserve upvotes , cheers Buzzirkdownload (3).jpeg


Thanks for the support! As I get more familiar with the system here, I'm sure I will improve as I go.

Wow... this is post is Amazing. I can't wait to here more about you and you amazing life. (((hugs))) :o)


That is very kind of you! Please watch here for more posts, I am inspired to do more and more, better and better.

hey @truewheel

We are excited to see you join us here! Steemit is a remarkable platform that is built to reward users for creating quality content. Its a logic called proof of brain.

As for TechChat, think of us as DJs that create tech content instead of music. We create content by looking for the most shocking, interesting, and exciting breakthroughs in the tech space. Basically - we do all the research so you don't have to.

We hope to hear your opinion on TechChat’s content! We always love to hear from our community.

Happy Steeming 🚀


Thanks, I'll take a look.

Great introduction! It looks like you enjoy an adventurous life. Can't wait to see more content!


Thanks! More coming!

This photo is amazing! I found your post from @adamkokesh reposting you on his page, welcome to Steemit! Where did you hear about Steemit?


Thanks for the kind words, and complement on my photo from Machu Picchu. My clients and I had just finished walking the Inca Trail and on the last day, this view was our reward. AND Thanks @adamkokesh, wherever you are! How did I hear about Steemit? I was in a little town on the seacoast of southern Peru' called Mollendo, helping a friend open his new restaurant and enjoying the beach. The Internet is fairly good there, surprisingly and I was done body surfing for the day and wondering what next step to take..... I stumbled on Steemit about 1 year ago, simply surfing the net, and found it a little clunky to navigate. But now, it seems several issues have been ironed out and re-starting here was pretty simple. Gracias, and have a great day!


Love your photos. I love travel. I was in Canada, Hawaii, & Vietnam. Maybe I should visit Peru someday. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, very interesting read! Quite inspiring to see how many times you pivoted in your life and took on totally different challenges. Hope you can share some knowledge on how you went on obtaining new skills when re-inventing yourself. I'm sure there are lots of valuable things to learn form you. Followed & waiting for more :)


Thanks much for the upvote and the kind words. Yes, I hope to do what I can to add value here, and in return believe there will be something for me as well!

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Well, this is fun! Thanks everyone, for your support! I hope to continue to make this fun and interesting for all of you going forward.

I was going to say... "not jack of all trades, king of whatever trade!" but then I read this:

I learned how to learn again, and to pace myself and watch what people DO, not so much listen to what they say. I have learned to look for opportunities and be creative in problem solving.<<<

and realized he is not employable by the LP......


Haha! Thanks for the Upvote! When I was out of Corporate America for a few years, I suddenly realized that I had spoiled any sort of hope or chance of returning to the "Squirrel Cage"! there is an interesting Youtube video from Brian Eno on that subject. I'll see if I can find it.


I like the "squirrel cage" analogy. I worked for years in Corporate America and then tried to work on the fringes by starting my own business. I still ended up getting sucked into their mentality. Now after be totally clear of it for nearly 4 years the mere thought of going back causes great anxiety.

Congratulations @truewheel!
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Mil Gracias! Thanks a million! I will check out the "Vote for my witness" thing and if it helps you I will do it!

Welcome on steemit, we all family


Cheers and thanks!

Bowie is right, it is not boring. I like your post. Upvoted. I'm from Oregon, lived in Portland, my dad is from LA, my mom is from Seattle. I love the concept of reinvention. Life experiences are the best for sure. I'm Oatmeal.

2013 Me 06.jpg

Great introduction Brian! I look forward to reading your future posts.


Thanks for the kind words. I am new at this (obviously) but I am a fast learner. Make it a great day!


I'm relatively new too (been here since February 2018). I'm now retired and like you I am trying re-invent myself ... or at least do something different. You are off to a great start!

Welcome Brian! You will love Steemit! @truewheelsteempower .gif

You have an interestinf life brian. Your constantly reinventing yourself shows how open u are to growth and learning.

Ps. I love david bowie

Upvoted and followed and looking forward for more posts!!!


Thanks for the upvote! I will return the favor as soon as I figure out how! I am definitely on the steep part of the learning curve still, but I'm getting there. And I only got to see Mr. Bowie once, in 1972 with the Spiders from Mars. (what an inspiration!) That's a part of my life that I did not mention in my intro: my life- long love of live music. Growing up in near San Francisco fed that hunger well, but also my time in L.A. and Seattle were filled with interesting times. Make it a great day!

You have been scouted by @promo-mentors. We are a community of new and veteran Steemians and we are always on the look out for promising authors.

I would like to invite you to our discord group

When you are there send me a message if you get lost! (My Discord name is the same as here on Steemit)


Gracias! And thanks for the upvote! I have so many ideas , I just need enough time in the day! I will figure what Discord is and then see what you all are about. Have a great day!


Sure, discord is a platform for chatting, and there are a lot of steem communities in there.