Puzzling and Im-Mature

4년 전


I’ve been prowling Steemit for a couple of weeks now so it’s time I introduce myself! Im-Mature means I may grow older but I will never grow up (just ask my wife). It means I’m here to have fun and connect with fellow Steemians in a positive and (hopefully) humorous way.

I’m passionate about beer, crypto, American football, science, stocks, travel, food, wine, video games, books, movies, animals, good humor and pretty much everything except the New England Patriots. That being said, if you are posting about anything that catches my eye (and it happens to be in English), you can expect me to lay a fresh comment down!

I decided to share a pic of the latest puzzle I just finished combining some of my favorite things: wine and puzzles. Oh ya, I also enjoy doing puzzles and other “brain games” like Sudoku.

I think that’s enough for you to ponder. Follow me and post your quips! I look forward to getting to know many Steemers!

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Welcome aboard! Our inner children should get along well, they both like craft beer and puzzles!


It would seem that our names give us away 😉


No intros needed!

I'm also growing older and struggling to grow up, with a fondness of beer and wine (currently sipping an imported German schwarzbier)! Glad to see I'm not lone here! Greetings from China!


"Struggling to grow up" implies an active effort to move past immaturity, which I am certainly not doing! I've come to grips with the inner child that I expect to remain with me as long as I live. That being said, my inner child loves IPAs and Stouts and USA flush with micro breweries is a great place to find them. I discovered @buddhabrews on Steemit who shares many great beer suggestions. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post!

I'm still trying to figure out what I wanna do when I grow up so I can relate. Retirement sounds nice tho, whatever that is it sounds like fun. Maybe I'll be a retiree one day. Hopefully sooner than later.


I’m with you! I would retire tomorrow if I could. I think I still have 30-50 years left to work....