This comic geek just wrote an epic introduction post(i'm getting ahead of my self) After 7 years of reading mostly DC comics its time to give back to the steemit community

4년 전

Hello steemit!! I dunno, do i welcome myself or you welcome me? Either way i'm pumped to be on this incredible platform; one that allows for voices to be heard and actually rewards it!, Its simply AMAZING!. As stated in my profile, i'm a huge comic book enthusiast(DC comics mostly), football(soccer) fan specifically FC Barcelona (fellow fans should hit me up and follow me), Aspiring writer(ok, maybe thats an exaggeration) but i do try to write reviews on comic books at least that counts as writing. Oh! I love movies and TV shows especially ones that're adaptations of comics.....and yes i do think batman is the greatest superhero. I very much look forward to sharing my ideas, reviews and news(comic,football and movie related of course) and thought provoking articles ( please pay no attention to the 'thought provoking' part.xDIMG_20180131_180849.jpg

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