Asking The Universe & Aetherial Allies For Clarity And Their Take On Our Path


In the progressing unfolding of our journey we don't only encounter many unexpected "setbacks" (as seen from the ego level) but we often ask what it means. And there is this curious sensation that answers back at us in a subtle way.

One way to describe it is intuition that answers back but somehow it feels like it is more... external than that. Not really external, but somehow using a bird's eye view from a mountain top guiding us through the valleys, the mazes and the endless pathways and crossroads down below to navigate the whole of life.


After a break in the road, a challenging occurrence or a sudden turn of events we like to ask it, whatever it is. Likely a shamanic aspect of the totality. Or aetherial allies on the energetic level. Hyperspace love crew maybe. Our spirit crews.

Used to think it is the spirit of the shroomies, as we have often asked them for clarification about our situation. But even without the influence we can not only ask out into the cosmos but get an answer that feels both clear and relevant to what it is we are living through. As if the shroomies or the spirit related had answered.

My woman especially, she has such a firm grasp on her senses that it's quite encouraging to just hear what she got back in reply. Every time.

After our car's clutch broke the other day and we found ourselves back at our friends' house for this weekend she asked about our path and the answer she got was the same we had gotten for months now, which in itself is rather encouraging somehow: "Wait".

It's not like an idle waiting - not like we are passively hoping for something external to happen while we don't move at all. It's a constant back and forth between seeing a pathway be revealed and then choosing to take it with confidence and faith.

In specific it's more a reassurance that the right time for finding our own land, for being in a position to build our Earthship there and to seed our garden... has not yet come. But it's somehow being made ready for us, the cosmic gears are turning and we are getting ever and ever closer (or rather: it is getting ever and ever closer to us), we know it. It's almost like being able to glimpse more of what is going on than the conceptual rational mind could ever hope to grasp.

And so we are fusing both worlds - recurringly asking for guidance and whether we are on the right path still; while the mind-based rational realm keeps working towards building the Earthly future day by day. Navigating the buckling monetary system and crypto sphere, building projects and making a plan for the next days to move forward with Earthly aspirations step by step.

It's near impossible for the mind to see how this should all come to pass, all our visions and specifics about how we want to live ultimately. But even looking back at the last weeks and months, the people we have met, the situations we came out of stronger than before and how much we have grown since we left our old lives.... is encouraging to say the least. The shroomies do have a point, even when the mind cannot yet see it, and we are long past the point of not taking their answers to our questions seriously.

The guiding sense of their answers has revealed so much this year that it has already been fully worth trusting their voice.

What else can we do than trust it? And trusting it really has never been so easy - we've had a lot of practice recently and like any skill asking the universe or our allies for advice is not only becoming easier each time we do so but yields better and better results on the Earthly realm.

A truly marvelous time to be alive. Thank you to all our crews, allies and helpers seen und unseen that help us get to where it is we are going.


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