Investing in Your 20s & 30s

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I'm currently reading a book called "Investing in Your 20s & 30s for dummies" and boy oh boy I wish I knew about some of these skills and strategies from my teenage years I would've never wasted money on college tuition, food, and clothing. Growing up in a single parent home I watched my mother labour day in and day out just to makes sure my needs we're met. I have never met another hard working women like my mama! and I mean that whole heartily. One thing she taught me was to always put something away for a rainy day and save, save, save. But she never told me to invest. Neither did they teach us that in school. The question I want to ask is why ? I believe it's because they push post secondary education so much knowing that you'll take a loan and go into debt and be owing for the rest of your life! I think it's part of the governments big scheme to always keep you behind(but that's a whole other article)

Anyway, one of the most mind blowing pieces of information I've learned was that investments with the banks are no good for longer term investment. The reason being is that the interest rate is too low to make any real money over time. Bank investments are better for short term savings. The best channels of investments would be real estate, stocks, and small businesses. I'll throw in cryptos currencies just for fun.
In closing there's a lot of insight in this book and my job isn't to rewrite the book just read it for yourself .

By the way the author is : Eric Tyson
Gotta give credit where it's due.

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