Stocks or Steem ?

3년 전

What's up gang !

I'm no finacial advisor nor am I trader but
I know what a good investing opportunity looks like. From doing my own research and listening to experts, Steemit is a set apart social media platform. I'm not going to give a long list as to why you should invest in Steem but I'll give you one indicator why Steemit will be huge one day.
The very fact that you get paid to blog should be enough reason why you should jump in.

You may be asking WHY Tristan ?
Here's why.......
You can invest a small amount convert it to Steem Power, make couple of blogs and get paid, then take your earnings to later convert to Steem tokens.That's amazing!

Here's a tip for the rookies. Look at the wallets of those who are "Steemit Famous" or have a good following and look for the common denominator between all their accounts 😉

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All onboard for steemit pubtrain!