InvestBox 16/11/20

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The Explanation of Investbox program

You need to understand see is not a lend program but staking program

Every member can make investbox pool but see need to have the following crypto value who need to give interest

I will explain as follow

I have 1.000 DOGE

And i like to give it but want the prices be in same value when i finish it

So i make a investbox pool with let’s say 5% and give my 1.000 DOGE to the members who put the DOGE in this pool until the interest reach 1.000 DOGE the pool will be open but when see reach 1.000 DOGE every members will take the Balances of DOGE + interest see receive

Why this is good?

Because see keep the price of the crypto with less Ups and Downs also the value of the crypto you bought will be rise when see finish


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