Don't Risk What You Can't Lose... Buy Bitcoin Instead 🤦


So I stumbled upon this video last night, and it was hilarious

Especially cause I was in similar situations on numerous occasions.

Long story short, a trader from Youtube made around $50 000 in the last few weeks

While on a live stream, he decided to margin short Apple on 25x leverage 🤔

How did that go? Check it out for yourself...

Few important for life messages, we can extract from his missplay

  1. Don't risk to lose what you can't afford to lose. Obviously :D

  2. If you got lucky to make 50k in the stock market, don't be crazy, buy some fucking Bitcoin!

  3. Always buy the dip!

When the market is bloody and traders are fearful... that's your ticket to success

If you look closely to the end of the video you'll see he bought in at the very peak, even thou at first it looks like he bought at the right moment

Technical analysis wasn't right that day. :D Lol

And the last message would be: There is no fucking need to do margin trading on 22x leverage, yes the potential profits are humongous but potential loss will hurt like a motherfucker! Lol

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From time to time I also visit the WSB subreddit. Pretty entertaining, but also completely nuts. There are a lot of guys who put their college loan at stake. Why would you do that? This is ruin-your-future-101