M1 Finance Overview

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M1 finance is an automated portfolio manager. All you have to do is set up a pie and start funding your account. Every time you fund the account it will automatically buy more of your underweight slices and less of your overweight slices to balance your portfolio. If you start a manual rebalance it will sell your overweight slices to buy more of your underweight slices. I use M1 finance as a savings account because if I pick the right stocks it has a higher yield than any other savings accounts. I mostly buy dividend stocks because if I wanted to invest for market gain I'd invest in crypto because the market doesn't close so you can make money 24/7 if you use a bot. My current portfolio has a 3.226% dividend yield on top of any market gains I might get. I just started investing in the stock market at the beginning of the year; I'm already up 3%. If you sign up with my referral link we both get $10 after you fund the account.

M1 finance referral link: https://mbsy.co/rWFTM

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