Investing is hard

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... That is why you should "do your own research" and it is still hard... I can point you in the direction I think is right... I have a master degree in economics (which is mostly bs) and I been into Austrian economics naturally for many years.

S0 lets get to the sauce, shall we?

My message is simple, invest in HEX, STEEM and LASSECASH.

Let me elaborate.


Look at this graph:

HEX is performing better then BITCOIN and most of the markets. I endorse HEX and recommend staking.


STEEM ( ) is huge and has a long history, there are the problem of getting noticed on STEEM, as there are many users that compete for the whales attention. STEEM might fork into HIVE soon to fork out Justin Sun. I think a smaller investment in STEEM is good. At-least having a STEEM wallet is essential today, preferable in your name.


LASSECASH is very new, only 8 months old. If you like to blog it is much much easier to get noticed on LASSECASH, since the tribe is still small. The rewards value might be volatile, since the market is still working on the price for LASSECASH. It is my idea, name and face, so of course I recommend it. I earnestly think that for any smaller blogger it will be good to post on LASSECASH. Also if you don't blog you can invest in LASSECASH and LASSECASH POWER with STEEM and earn with curation or price speculation.

Neutral to the "Corona"-crisis, "blood-bath on wall street"

My investment recommendations are neutral to the current melt down of the economy, the whole idea is to invest against the general market and where there are huge potential. Many has been talking about precious metals and crypto currencies in general, but I think that these three assets will by fare outperform any market, where HEX will be the best performing. The two social media assets are useful even if the price don't go up, so that should be taken into consideration. I invest in dark horses, there are high risk, but I think the risk is even higher in the general crypto market and of-course extremely high in the stock market. Hope all this make sense to you.

/Lasse Ehlers

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