Is Online Trading Academy Legit or a Scam? From Someone Who's Actually Taken the Course


***So I made this video over a year ago back in December of 2018. I never actually posted the video though. Was just going through some old videos I never published and thought this one was worth posting.

So if you're watching this video chances are you've recently attended the Online Trading Academy (OTA) half day sales pitch or 2 day course and are debating whether you should go through their program.

If you're anything like me probably as soon as you got home, if not even while you were sitting in the course you hopped on your phone and started Googling "is online trading academy a scam" or something along those lines. I get it, I'm a natural skeptic and pessimist myself as well and I did the exact same thing.

I attend a lot of these make money and business seminars that come to town and hold an event in a hotel banquet hall and honestly 99% of them are either complete scams or not worth the money.

Whether you like OTA or not, I will say the experience and the program are entirely different and in a whole different category than anything like this.

Online Trading Academy actually has physical offices which makes me more comfortable because they aren't just comming to town for 2 days, they've invested in office space so they aren't some fly by night organization. I also like that they have ongoing resources and support both online as well as in at their physical locations. I also like that because of this there's more accountability.

I know myself and honestly if someone gives me a book or some videos, even if I spent $5,000 for the material and should have a vested interest, there's a good chance I won't go through the materials, however when I'm expected to show up to class there's an added level of accountability that I know for me will force me to follow through.

And as for the follow up. If you go through their 7 day course and don't understand the material you have free retakes for life. They also have a student support person who you can schedule one on one time to go into their office and get more personal support. They also have daily online trading sessions you can login to online and watch a professional trader trade live in front of you, you can also ask questions. You can send in trades for them to review, there's a ton of follow up and support so if you're willing to commit yourself and invest the time there's really no reason you can't understand the material.

In this video I want to address the question of is OTA a scam, but a better question is that of "is it worth the money" and will I see a return on my investment. Basically will I make back the money I spent on the course as well as more to turn a profit.

I just graduated today and havn't started trading on my own so I can't speak to that, I will make a follow-up video and share my progress with you guys and let you know how I'm doing.

So again, ultimately the test is whether I can take the info I learned and make money with it, but I will say at the very least I was impressed with their strategy, their education and the way they teach, and the amount of support I received.

Everyone I came into contact with and had any interaction with was amazing and I honestly came out feeling a part of a community. Having spent 7 days in class with everyone I made some good friends and will have some "trading buddies" once I get started.

Next month I'll be attending the Options Course and plan on following up and attending a bunch of their grad events and XLT sessions.

If you have any questions about something I neglected to mention feel free to drop a comment and I'll try to respond to everyone.

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