Help fund a real-world STEEM project, and receive a lifelong cut!

3년 전

Today I met with a couple building owners in my hometown, looking for a location for @thesteemhouse to call home!

I saw a couple high-end units that are perfect locations, offer wide-open spaces, and are fronted like shops for the public to get a good view of us as they walk by. The only problem with a couple of those are the start-up costs, one costing as much as $4500 USD per month, with an almost $10,000 move-in... That may be attainable in a year or so when we get some STEEM love rolling, but I also looked at an old school... This really piqued my interest, as it's already zoned for education/office space, and they only want around $500 per month per room , and would let us pick and choose what and how many rooms we would like. This means we could sign paperwork and have a dedicated public Steemit space to start making and creating in, for as little as $1000, USD!!

So... I have a proposition for any of you business minded steemians out there, as the "first phase" of our crowdfunding effort.

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- I am looking to raise 2,000 steemicon.pngSTEEM

- This initial fund would secure the location in at least two rooms in the old school building, set us up with necessary furniture/equipment, and set us on the right path when it comes to spreading the word about our project around town.
- Investors would be entitled to a lifelong portion of liquid SBD generated by @thesteemhouse account, up to 10% for the full 2000.

Let me break that down for you.

  • Invest 100 STEEM/SBD into @thesteemhouse, and you will forever receive 0.5% of the liquid earnings for the account, paid out every week.
  • Invest 10 STEEM/SBD, and you still receive 0.05% of the earnings, for life!

Investments will be accepted until the goal of 2000 STEEM has been reached, at which point further transfers will be refunded unless labeled as a donation.

These dividends come from liquid SBD generated by the Steemit account @thesteemhouse only. It will not include profits taken in from monthly membership dues, workshop sales, or any other physical means of monetization.

We're giving investors from Steemit an early foot in the door before we reach out for local funding!

We would love to able to boast to our community that this hub of creativity was brought to them completely by the power of cryptocurrency! Before we start our "official" crowdfund to fill our makerspace with fancy equipment, we want to give Steemians the first chance to support our project, and watch their bottom line grow with ours!

If you don't have STEEM to invest with, but want to see this project become a reality, please Resteem this post so it can receive the attention it deserves!

An incubator for creativity!.png
Click the image above to go to The Steem House Blog!


We have currently raised 428/2000 STEEM for the startup of this project! A big thanks to our "Dream Team": @daddykirbs, @carrinm, @karinzdailygrind, @barbara-orenya, @bitshares101, @cgbartow, @roofcore, @ethandsmith, @fingersik, & @yekrats!

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  ·  3년 전

Hey :)
Very interesting.
If I had more Steem right now i would immediatedly invest :(
Hope I still have to opportunity when I'm liquid.
All the best!


Don't wait too long ;)

This window won't stay open. I have no doubt someone will jump on this quick. It's a no-brainer investment for sure.

  ·  3년 전

Yes, you are probably right... :D

simply transfer STEEM/SBD to @thesteemhouse ?


I'm in for 20 STEEM. I hope I did that right LOL


You sure did! Thank you very much for being our first investor! You will henceforth be entitled to 0.1% of the liquid SBD earnings from @thesteemhouse account!

Will you/they accept smaller donations than 10?

How will the earnings be sent? Will I get a receipt?


An investment less than 10 would possibly create a situation where I'm sending a few hundred transfers every week.

The dividends will be sent weekly from @thesteemhouse, and your receipts would be the Blockchain ;) I'll create a post when funding is complete that lists everyone who has invested and what they will be owed going forward


Then, it might take a few days for me to get 10 liquid steem together, as powering down is not something I'm wont to do. But I think it's likely that I'll be in for a little bit. I love the idea, and I'm happy to support!

One should send to @thatsweeneyguy or @thesteemhouse?


@thesteemhouse is the best place. It's all going to get collected there anyway ;)


Man. This is taking forever. I need to win a contest or something..

This is a pretty sweet idea.
Let me know if @platforms can help you out with gather the community around this for sure ;)

What about delegation? Can someone delegate some SP for shares?


Currently, we are raising liquid funds to rent the space we need to get started up. Once we have a location secured, we may likely do a "delegation" drive, a offering a piece of the curation rewards from the account.

So freaking awesome! Resteemed without hesitation! Will be supporting this however I can :).

No, 0.5% / week for everyone. Why do you treat differently rich and poor?

How people can withdraw their STEEM?


No... For every 10 STEEM someone were to invest, their cut would be 0.05%...

Say, for instance, @joeshmoe invested 75 STEEM, their weekly dividends would be 0.375% of profits. Therefore is someone invested 100, it would come out to 0.5%.

It's not a rich vs poor thing, its about being rewarded based on the size of investment.

Thanks for stopping by!


It's an investment for good, you don't get the money back as a withdrawal.

I just sent 20 STEEM. Good luck


Thank you so much! You are now entitled to 0.1% of the liquid SBD earnings from @thesteemhouse account!

I'm in ! gleeful.png

sending 20 SBDs from France to this cheerful project ^_^
(what about our names in the pediment in flashing golden letters..?LoL LoLminuscule.png )


We already have plans to make a big plaque that hangs in our space that will list the people who helped us get started.

Thank you so much for your investment, and welcome to what will be known as "The Dream Team" :D


You are welcome ! I love to be part of happy dreams ^_^ Thanks in advance for the great energy you will put in ;-)

Thanks for the great work and for sharing with us. Am taking some time to think through this call for investment in this project. Thanks @thatsweeneyguy.


It would plant a seed that could grow into a larger tree of money than either of us expect ;)

I have no steem but I'm resteeming this because I believe Steemit has the potential to power impact creating real-world projects.

You got a 1.47% upvote from @buildawhale courtesy of @thatsweeneyguy!
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Good luck on your project!!! :).

@thatsweeneyguy, really great concept! Love your energy!


Thanks a lot! I'm absolutely full to the brim with energy, always :D

1% seems like my deal:P hope youll finish the project...will make a "support post" later today


Dude! Thank you so much! We are at the point that we're guaranteed to start up! We're registering the business with Kentucky today, and will be signing paperwork on our new space within a couple weeks!

You will not be disappointed with your decision. Welcome to the Steem House Dream Team!


glad to hear that:) you seem like a dedicated guy...might as well support that right:P If you assemble close to 2000 Steem I might even finish the funding off:P what happens if you wont gather 2000?


If I don't get the full 2000 fast, the fund will continue until all 10% of the the blog is sold off :D

We currently have enough to get in the door, a large part of that 2000 will be buying start up equipment like 3d printers and computers.

Thanks for support my blog, I support you too.