Investing in Trendo Token (TRDO), waiting for the Linux support of the "Gods Unchained" game

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Well, now I am doing something unusual. At least from me nowadays. I am posting this blog post from Steemit.
Nowadays I usually use other dApps for blogging, for example Busy, eSteem, SteemPeak.
I am going to write about two things in this blog post. I don't expect real, human comments, because nowadays I rarely receive real, human comments under my blog posts on the Steem blockchain, so I am writing this primarily for myself.

Investing in Trendo Token (TRDO)

Yesterday (on 2019.10.21) I bought 100 Trendo Token (TRDO) for 1 Steem. 0.01 Steem/Trendo Token (TRDO).
I staked all of it, and I call "!trdo" under blog posts to reward their authors.

Waiting for the Linux support of the "Gods Unchained" game

"Gods Unchained" is a free-to-play trading card game using the Ethereum blockchain. Similar to Steem Monsters/Splinterlands, but it is free-to-play (you get a starter set of cards for free for registering and also for leveling up), and unlike Steem Monsters/Splinterlands, "Gods Unchained" is not a browser game, so the players have to download it. The game is currently in beta. I am using Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, which is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. When I login on the website, the website gives the "Not available on this platform" message. This is because the game is currently available only on Windows and on Mac.
Also yesterday (on 2019.10.21) I asked whether Linux support is planned or not for the "Gods Unchained" game.
The first automated reply wrote the following message: "We are currently fielding an increased number of requests. There may be some delay in replying to your message. We will endeavour to provide feedback and support within the next week."
But they wrote the following reply today (on 2019.10.22): "We do plan to have Linux compatibility and it’s something that’s currently on our backlog! However, I cannot give an approximate timeframe as to when this will be implemented."
So, I am happy. Waiting for the Linux support of the "Gods Unchained" game. The Immutable Support is good and fast.
You going to need an invite to register an account for the "Gods Unchained" game, so feel free to use mine:

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Why did you decide to post on steemit. I would not do it again is I can help it.


I think that the real question is why I even (bother to continue) post(ing)?
I don't even know. No matter where I post, I rarely get real, human comments (with the exception of dPoll, where the level of user interaction is good), and no matter what I post, what I write about, how many minutes or hours of work and effort I put into my blog posts, I usually earn a few cents, or nothing at all, because the pending payout does not reach the payout threshold ($0.02). Maybe I will start using the Steem blockchain as a personal diary and/or photo storage, without expecting any monetary reward or even user interaction in most of the cases. Some people say that NewSteem made things better on the Steem blockchain, but that is not true. Actually, NewSteem has not changed nothing, or even made it worse. The number of active users is decreasing more faster than ever. Should I say dropping/falling? There are more than 1.3 million Steem accounts, but nowadays only about 33 000 Steem accounts are actively daily. It was around 40 000 and 50 000 a few monts ago. The selfishness and the greed ruins everything. Most of the people are focusing only on their own blog posts. They don't care about other people's blog posts. The average number of comments per blog post is 2-3. Many comments (under blog posts in general) are bot comments. All of this lead/led to thousands of disappointed users, who eventually leave (and some of the aleady left) Steemit and the Steem blockchain. Nowadays I have 998 followers, but most of them are inactive nowadays. They left Steemit (and the Steem blockchain) long (months) ago. The users are leaving, and the so called NewSteem could not, cannot and will not stop this.


The best way I get interaction is by entering contests and challenges. I have a lot of them linked in this big summary post of tips, @xplosive.

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

dPoll is one of the best places, but you will never get interaction by just posting your own stuff to regular tags. Freewritehouse and CCC contests get me a lot of interaction, but really all contests do. It's not easy, but you can do it.

The lack of people now is actually good for those of use who keep going. They will be back with a price rise, and then you will be an old hand. Don't give up!


You don't need to "fight" for interaction on Facebook, on Twitter or on any kind of traditional social media. If you need to enter contests and challenges to get regular interaction on a social network (for example on the Steem blockchain), then it is a bad one. A bad social network, which cannot compete with the traditional ones. No wonder why thousands of people left (and still leaving) Steemit and the Steem blockchain.

I may sound like a new user, but I am on Steemit and on the Steem blockchain since 2017.05.17. I have seen a few things. The number of the active users has been decreasing since more than a year, and it is dropping/falling in the previous few months.

Despite the NewSteem, many people are still focusing only on their own blog posts, and don't care about other people's blog posts. This leads to many disappointed users, who leave Steemit and the Steem blockchain over time. Nowadays I have 998 followers, but most of them are inactive nowadays. They left Steemit and the Steem blockchain long (months) ago. And many people are in the same (or similar) shoes.
The money, the selfishness and the greed of the people are ruining the user activity on the Steem blockchain. There are more than 1.3 million Steem accounts, but nowadays only about 33 000 Steem accounts are active daily. This was between 40 000 and 50 000 a few months ago. And even more earlier. Not giving up is easier said than done.


I hear you, and agree with all you say, @xplosive. But you can succeed here with strategies, and no - they are not like on other social media. If you think this place will fail, get out now and delegate your sp somewhere. Watch the price and get it out when it rises.

If you think it will succeed, you are best to find you niches and ways to enjoy the place at least. For me, it is contests, helping others with minnow tips, and trying to grow my sp in hopes of a price rise. But this is the most complicated of all my many platforms and so far as I have seen - few survive.

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