The Dow-Jones down another 250 points. We see signs of a rally here! Gold and Silver just "might" be on their way.BTC shows no sign of bullishness. Statman comments.

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Good morning my friends, with the Dow down another 250 we see extreme pessimism in the market. In fact it is surpassing the October low at about 24,000 Dow. This is the most bullish put call ratio this year including the sharp january selloff.

I'd probably take a shot at a long position (with tight stops).
Combined with seasonal strength we should see a rally very very shortly! We'll see....

Gold is strong again, and we are in the window of time for the "BIG" move.

Captainwave believes we are likely there.

Ron Rosen believes the bottom is 1124 and very soon. Then it's 2000.00 gold in early 2020! Let's hope they are both correct.

BTC now a bit under 5500 shows 80-20 bulls to bears.....and not good enough to warrant a long position. And I'm not going to forecast a bottom at this point. When I see the pessimism kick in to about 70-30 we will get optimistic.

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Wow. Did not anticipate the Bitcoin dump. Not buying now. Good article!

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It looks like a large number of BTC miners are threatening to leave the network and mine Bitcoin ABC or SV. If that happens, the difficulty and cost of production will fall. This could mean it never recovers. The crypto market will continue if that happens, but without Bitcoin core. Maybe they are all bluffing though. We will see.

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thank you...and appreciated.