Taking advantage of opportunities through Bounties

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For the past six months as a steemian, I have been steaming hot, reading and commented on so many articles from diverse subjects, made inquiries and got answers to my queries. As such, I am far more knowledgeable especially in areas of investment in Steem, EOS & Bitshares because of the great potentials they hold. More so, I have changed from a habit of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) into an optimistic early bird especially when it comes to new tokens with potentials!

Furthermore, although constant free meals comes with some disadvantages however, not where there is a free bounty from a great new coin. Interestingly, in recent weeks, Elyte has offered bounties on competitions, Xmas bonanza and currently new year bounty which many are benefiting from.
For those new in crypto world, you may be wondering what bounty is as related to crypto currency? Get your answers below;

What are bounties?
According to Cointelegraph,

Bounty is a term for reward in the online gaming world.
Yes, the term is borrowed from gaming. But the application is the key difference. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies provide new ways of leveraging reward mechanisms through smart contracts. Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? Russian Nobel laureate Ivan Pavlov showed how dogs could be conditioned to salivate to a bell ringing once they learned the bell would be followed by food. Since then, behaviorists have spent more than a century exploring how rewards can extrinsically motivate individuals to engage in a behavior to satisfy a need or desire. Decentralized technology is also introducing a new generation of reward applications.

Are bounties profitable?
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Since bounties comes with no cost implications and if the token is beneficial on the long run, it can be an avenue to leverage on an opportunity of a lifetime and own a token which may be out of reach soon especially for those with no extra funds to purchase a new high value token.

**Benefit of taking an opportunity
**In life opportunities usually show up on regular basis. There are those who ensure they do not miss an opportunity, and those who are always too lazy or too careful to take risk hence they remain stagnant and blame their condition on an innocent person or karma! Life is all about risks but what if there is an opportunity to make some good investments with no risk attached? Here is that chance. Elyte with a total supply of 1m and far lesser circulation supply, deflationary nature, visible team, realistic road map and innovative product already trading well in Idex, is offering another bounty to ensure those who missed out on the xmas bonanza is taking into account. A community driven token with active telegram page, Elyte is offering once more an opportunity of a lifetime. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and avoid this 4 letter word "POOR" ( Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly)

Details of bounty
Here is Elyte second bounty. Go here, follow the rules and keep sharing it!
More details
Elyte website: https://elyte.biz
Telegram : https://t.co/kAhkvVTPBF
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EthereumLyte
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EthereumLyte

Resteem to ensure many join the bounty, please support with an upvote and follow for more. Do send in your comments.

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Yeah. I benefited from some of those Elyte bounties. The Elyte project is a great one. I believe some of our Steemit members should check the project out. It has a great team and great developers behind it. It is indeed the next big thing!


Sure and with it's deflationary nature the price is already mooning


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I like


Good. So visit our telegram and get all info

KCS is also super interesting. I wrote a post about it to clarify on what it is but definitely check this one out!! https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@ries9112/what-is-kucoinshares-kcs-and-why-you-should-get-it-asap


Sure . Checking it out.remember to join our telegram and other links ...as questions should u need further clarification

Interesting. Thank you for this, I have heard the term before but haven't understood it until now. I will have to take a look, thanks!


Please do. A lot are already taking advantage to get such a nice coin for free ! Share with your folks to also gain from the bounty and follow for more. Keep steeming hot 😋

Thank you for sharing this opportunity


Welcome and do not miss this good opportunity!

Nice article @kenhudoy, It is very good as you brought this vital information about Elyte bounty. This is a great opportunity that every one should not miss. we should take this opportunity to earn free Elyte token. Elyte is already trading in Idex and soon in nextexchange. I advice those who have not buy enough Elyte to buy up now as price will moon soon. Or get their Elyte through participating in the ongoing bounty. upvoted.


thanks for the comment and lets do the needful and not miss opportunities


Nice one @ kenhudoy

Great post as always. Elyte is a great project with enormous possibilities. Glad that we have you on board. Upvoted it!


Thanks for the nice comment and sure, Elyte or nothing! Great team and product . 👌💪😎

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Do you have to play a game for this?

You have so many posts! But not lately. Do you comment all day?


Hahaha nice question. Usually bounties are done with some sort of requests and as for comments, not all day. I do my comments when I find time ! Thanks for checking my blog👌