Finanical Crash is good for Cryto

3년 전

Bitcoin was created in 2009. That same year the world financial systems were failing. People were so afraid that bank withdraws became to much for so banks to bear and they went bankrupted.

Still out of all that devastation came the creation of a functional cryptocurrency. Since this week the US market has been so volatile it reminds me of 2008 right before the bear stock market.

If there should be another stock market crash I think a big flow of investment will come into crypto.

Looking back if the first crash was part of Satoshi's motivation to create bitcoin I would imagine the next big innovation in the crypto space will come. What do you think?

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Agreed! And metals.

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Makes kind of sense but I don't think conservative money will touch crypto.

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I agree with you, I think though that it would still come down to liquidity and acceptance. The process to turn crypto into good and services is still very much in its infancy.

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