Farmers Don't Discuss Investment With Banks?

2년 전

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I had an interesting session at Stanbic IBTC. At the end of our conversation, we were about to shake hands when the banker asked about what I do, I said "I am a farmer" then he took it as joke of the century. He said "farmers don't ask these kind of questions", I just weak.

Farmers don't leverage on banks customers base and contact? Or farmers are financially illiterates? I just #smh.

There is more to banking than saving and withdrawing. You can discuss with experienced investment banker, seek advice and learn more.

During your next visit to the bank, I suggest that you ask about ETF, MFund, FxD and other financial services.

Bank don't really grow your money, but it remain as the best place to keep it.

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I still haven't gone to a bank for something like this. The time is coming though. I've been looking at the housing market and would like yo buy something in the next two years.