Stimp-bank update 29th August

2년 전

Investor update, Interest paid and loans received.

The following accounts have re-invested the 50 SBD liquidated to Steem.


I was going to do the part payback on Friday but I paid the following out early

@p-props 300 SBD
@orukpeyendis 500 SBD

A further 100 SBD will be paid to @orukpeyendis later today to further reduce outstanding balances.

There is currently 1050 SBD Invested in stimp-bank.

Current statement at time of posting

InvestorAmount in bankInterestInterest to date

We are approaching the end of the trial so I am aiming to pay back some more of the loans during the coming days, this may mean the trial will end early for some if cash flow works out for me to pay the loans out early.

Many thanks to all investors

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wow you spent some time on this. Great work.

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