Investments Refle(x)ctions #4 - PAL vs WEED vs LEO - Any Guess?


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Anytime I invest in something, even if this is a very small amount of money, coins or even time, I try to measure somehow the returns. In this post I will share with you my latest results about mining those 3 coins, so you can make your own judgement and choose in a better way.

Hello there Crypto-nauts, I hope you are having a great time, otherwise, take some time to reflect about yourself. I know life sometimes can happen very fast. Sometimes we must work and focus in many things, in that way we may forget about checking one of the most important things which is ourselves. So please take your time to review where you are and where you want to go if you are not fully satisfied with you current quality of life.

It was one of the first well stablished communities in Steemit. This guys work very hard and very smart. This is one of the reasons which I decided to give it a go, and getting some PALMM(pal mega miners) in order to analyse some returns after some weeks.

If you do not know yet, Steemit is growing to another level. I call this Community Synergy. Basically some people call them Tribes, i prefer call them just communities. Steemit is expanding itself into a huge model where any previous sub-community can have its own token, miners and well stablished path in order to grow.

Communities or Niches?

This is a good question. When I see a community like I see something more like a Niche.

Niche Market: A niche market, is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment. source - quote

If this community just talk, publish and invest around a very specific niche: Weed in this case, well this is their main focus. In another example as they already have their own token and platform where they talk, publish and interact around Sports. So no matter how you see it, if like a group of people who gather around a subject or product or if you see it more like a specific niche. What is really important is understand than this may open many business opportunities and also fix a new path, making STEEM a more solid and reliable coin.


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An investment community where we can talk about business/investments related subjects, business opportunities and all around crypto than may serve as investment information somehow. Of course many other subjects as Stocks Markets, passive incomes, trading, etc.

You can deepin a bit reading this Post which the official account @steem.leo tells us about some of the main features of this community.
Also read this post where @noleo4u tells us about some rules and content we should avoid.

One thing that captivated my attention was the way Leo Team made the airdrop of tokens. This definitely made me wonder about how successful this may be if they have attracted many good Steemit Users. This is why after studying a bit the platform I decided to get some tokens + miners.

Why mining is possible?

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Basically the @steem-eng team has developed a platform where we can create and manage digital tokens that have the same capabilities/characteristics as STEEM tokens. Some of this characteristics is the mining system using Proof of Stake. One of the things the token issuer can set, is the possibility to make a token stakeable or even create another token than can create the token, a.k.a miner. So we have miners and mega miners.

  • The miners can mine at a speed that is set by the issuer.
  • The Mega Miners usually can mine faster than the regular miners, example: 4 times fasters.

As I am not an expert you may read this excellent post from @steem.leo about mining

The Juicy Stuff - My results after some weeks/days of mining 3 different tokens

The present results are my experience based on my actual stake. I do not know if having a big stake of STEEM in our accounts, may help to create more tokens but this is what I have got so far:

Token - TribeMinerS.D/TF.D/T%Roi.Time%Roi.Day
PAL - Palnet.io5 PALMM19/06 10:4809/07 10:197.6%%0.39
WEED - Weed.network3.3 WMM29/06 21:0008/07 10:2013.8%1.3%
LEO - Steemleo.com12.86 LEOMM03/07 11:4108/07 10:19%8.51.42%

- S.D/T: Starting Day/Time. F.D/T: Finishing Date/Time.
- %Roi.Time: The results of tokens for all the time period.
- %Roi.Day: The results per day. When you divide the total %ROI / #of days.

Some details:

  • 5 PALMM produced 87.409 PAL in 19 days. Which represent $0.126 x 87.409 = $11.02 of return from an initial investment of $171.65 of 5 Miners. This is why I have decided to unstake and move on to another investment.
  • 3.3 WMM produces 141.374 in 10 days. Which represent $0.01744 x 141.374 = $2.4656 from an initial investment of 21.186. Also this is why I have unstaked and move on to the next investment.
  • 12.86 LEOMM produced 39.154 LEO in 6 days. Which represent $0.05686 x 39.154 = $2.23 from an initial investment of $22.12. This is why I will keep LEOMM. Also I believe it has much more potential in terms of community of investors & value in the near future.

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  • Even while trying to be very objective, we will keep the investments we believe in. So far I rely on my personal opinion and analysis about LEO.
  • The numbers do not lie but it is a bit difficult to determine which community will have much or less success in the future. I guess it will depend on how, we as users may help it grow and become sustainable in time.

Always do your own trial and errors and your own tests. Invest only what you are willing to loose and do your homework, get some numbers and asses your risk tolerance and go for it. If you analyse too much you may loose good investments opportunities. PEACE OUT.

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You just received a 100% upvote from @rewards-pool. Thank You for being apart of the @rewards-pool community

Nice analysis, but why would you unstake a passive income for life if you already paid for it. Just wondering.


Just because right now I want more % per day & month. Also I see more potential in Leo than in Weed(which in my opinion is a bit recursive) and also PAL.

But I repeat, this is a personal opinion.

PS: After unstaking PALMM & WMM I will focus just in LEO + gather capital.

Thanks for this analysis!
I love it!

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Thanks for this information. There is a variation in the inflation rate being allocated to mining pool for each community. Seems to be that steemleo has the better yet. I think that alone is attractive to investors. And also being that this is an investment platform where you dont just read about investment, you can actually begin investing right away, its just pretty serious. Interesting to see where we are going

siempre es bueno, detenerse y reflexionar que es lo que queremos alcanzar y que debemos hacer para lograrlo, enforcar nuestra mente y usar nuestras capacidades en lo que queremos lograr, mas si es de inversión se trata. gracias por los consejos