My cryptocurrency savings plan [Part 1]

2년 전

Dear Steemians,

I recently decided, after the crash, that I again want to invest in cryptocurrencies. I've gained a lot of experience on the crypto market in the last 3 years. I feel like I'm now more steeled for any price volatility. My target is to constantly invest into the Top 20 (referring to coinmarketcap) Cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of each month I want to spend the same amount of money. You can say i have my own Crypto-Savings plan as you know it from investing in funds on the stock market.

I already created an excel table, I am really proud of because it has a very clear layout. As you will see on the screenshots below, a lot of statistics will lead to a clear overview of how much I invested, the actual balance and the value of the whole portfolio.

I buy the coins through several Exchanges. Bittrex, Poloniex, StellarX and OkEx are some of the exchanges I'll use.

In July, August and September I started with a small amount (actually an appropriate amount) and from now on (October) I'll increase the amount of money. In my opinion, I will invest too much because this is risk capital and you should never invest in Cryptocurrencies more than in secure assets like ETFs.
But no risk no fun: Here are the first entries in the excel table.





So nothing spectacular but I think It will be much more interesting in like 10-20 months. I am not planning to sell anything i bought so it's just hodl and pray.


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