History is repeating a Bull Market Pattern for GOLD!

2개월 전

My fellow Steemians,

Gold is gaining traction, but the big move still has to come.
The chart below from Novagold shows that gold price is following the same path as it did in the 70's.


The bull market in gold is just getting started!

Thank you for reading!

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If history is repeating Sell Gold!!!


Why would you assume that after all the money printing?


Cause it's spiked, looks parabolic almost so soon the smart rich people will damp it! lolz!! The smartest hedge find managers in the world would tell u the same thing!! Another way to look at it is if the world gets better GOLD's going to damp, and if the world gets worse, surely GOLD is going to damp! Sorry it is ultra manipulated by paper markets and these mega corps will damp it fosho!! Bitcoin is where it's at!!


I agree with you on Bitcoin and indeed the gold market is manipulated via the futures market. But the bullion banks are going to lose the fight and gold is also going to go higher imo. Best to have both Bitcoin and gold!