Record Amount of Gold imported by the US from Switserland!

2개월 전

My fellow Steemians,

The US imported 111.7 tonnes of physical gold in April, the biggest total on record.

The high gold prices on the Comex spurred shipments to New York.

Normally the US imports less than a tonne of gold a month from Switserland. Now it accounted for 85% of the total export!


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We're paying very low prices for Gold, compared to what we "will" be paying... Get ready for the Activation of Sound Money to be Announced...
May 26, 2020... 13.3 Hollywood Time...


The sooner they announce it, the better ;-)


I see you like what you type, more than you like what I
May 27, 2020... 5.1 Hollywood Time...


Different opinions are a good thing ;-)