The Silver Bull Market is still in its Infancy!


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The fantastic stock market performance has put silver back in the spotlight. The 'little brother' of gold managed to outperform the yellow precious metal in recent weeks. And research shows that the silver Bull Market is still in its infancy. Investors should now keep a close eye on the silver market.
The silver price has been doing very well in recent weeks. Actually, this price increase came as a complete surprise. The silver market in particular was able to respond strongly to the silver price explosion. For example, most silver mining stocks managed to increase in value by tens of percent.
Investors should keep an eye on the silver market!


According to the analysts at Nautilus Investment Research, the silver Bull Market is currently in its infancy. They have come to the conclusion that the silver market is currently very similar to the price movement that was visible during the 1990s. The above graph shows the comparisons.

According to these respected analysts, the real silver price hike has yet to begin. When the silver price struck a solid bottom in the early 1990s, the precious metal managed to increase in value until the year 2011. And they now take into account the same movement.

Time to invest in Silver?

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