Drawing Contest: "Invisible Drawing" (Win SBDs!)

2년 전


Anyone can participate in this contest. You do not need to have any skills in drawing or painting. Do not think you can not do it just because of insecurity about the quality of your work. You can do this! It is easy! -here is how:

1) Turn of the lights. (prepare a paper and the pencils or other drawing materials you want to use before!)

2) Look into the dark

3) Draw what you see... if you just see black, thats fine, just draw what your hand feels like

4) Since you are sitting in the dark for a while you can make out shapes on the paper you are drawing on very roughly

5) Get inspired... continue drawing (eather destroying the thing your previous drawing was looking like to you or drawing in a way to make the vision more clear... or do both and go crazy on it)

6) Choose a title

7) Turn on the light

8) Take a picture of your drawing

9)Resteem this post (by @yoganarchista)

10) Upload it to steemit and write a post about the process or the meaning it has for you

11) Use the tag #invisibledrawing

12) Write a comment with your drawing and the link to your post

Okay, this sounds like a lot of steps but I in the end turning of the light and the other little instructions are not so hard to handle. Please understand that I only accept entries that follow the rules of this contest. The winners will not be choosen because of the objectivly visible on the drawing but by their subjective describtion of their work. It is a bit random I guess but I can not give everyone 3 SBDs.


I created the two drawings above last night. The first drawing is called "Mother with child and demon!" the second one is called "Melting saint". I created the first one first. When I started I just let my hand move over the paper. I did not see much happening in the dark and I just let my hand follow its flow. After some time I started to see faces in my random strokes so I decided to make this impression more clear. I added another time ramdom strokes and saw completly different faces and increased their intencity. When I felt it was right I gave the drawing the name "Mother with child and demon!" that expresses some of the faces and face expressions I noticed in the darkness.

The second drawing I wanted to draw completly without looking at it so I closed my eyes in the darknes. Now it was really dark but not in a negative way. It gave my head the freedom it needed to let go of questioning what I was doing, I felt free to let my hand dance and express the feeling that I had when gazing into the darkness behind my own eyelids. After some time I could not wait to see what was the outcome of my drawing so I opened my eyes. When I looked at the drawing in the darkness I saw some object and decided to add a shaddow to finish the draw. I gave it the title "Melting saint" because of the weird round shapes I could already make out and the way the figure looks above the scenery but his authority is melting and he becomes one with the whole. After this I went to sleep.

The contest runs until the payout of this post. Now I am curious to see your pieces of invisible art! To motivate you: here are the prices!

1st: 3 SBDs
2nd: 2 SBDs
3rd: 1.5 SBDs
4th: 1 SBDs
5-10th: 0.5 SBDs

Lots of Light and Love <3

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Very interesting contest!

Here I am, I participate too. Who knows that the others of the Italian community when they see my post decide to participate, because it was a nice experience :). Thanks for the contest.

invisible drawing 2.jpg


Great initiative, it's too fun :). I want to support your contest!

  ·  2년 전

Thanks @yoganarchista for this fun contest, it was enjoyable to enter!
I upvoted and resteemed!


It's link to my post:



Very nice submission :) I resteemed your post and I follow you now :)

Interesting and fun, I'm really curious to see what will be presented :).

@giuatt07 e @airmatti potrebbe essere divertente, questo è pane per i vostri denti :).


Me too :) Are you participating too ? :)


The 2 friends I mentioned are good artists, I am not skilled in art, but it seems fun, I could try :).


Give it a go. There is no need for skill here. Feel free :)

Ok ) What time frame?


Thank you very much for your entry <3 Nice work :)


One week -until the payout of this post :)

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Cool drawing. really nice that you made this with lights off. The details are amazing :) Followed and Resteemed :)

Invisible drawing, i love this contest, its really Creative..............Funny Drawing Tho But With Deep Meaning.



Thank you for being part of this contest. I follow you now and I resteemed your post ;)


Best entry so far!


Thank you:)


Did You Really Draw or Paint This In The Dark??


Yes, you can try it. Its fun


Awesome :) Resteemed your post :) Thank you for your entry :)


Thank you so much


I absolutely love this one!!


I laughed, but because I like it :) Resteemed and Followed <3


Thanks so much for making me have such fun in drawing.
Bless your heart.

Here's my submission for the contest! I call it Network. I thought it was way bigger than what it turned out to be! image


Thank you very much for being part of this contest :) It is a great submission :)


Thank you very much for your nice entry. I follow you and I resteemed your post :)


Thank you very much for your entry. Resteemed and Followed :)

Very cool , If i get a chance tonight i will post something . The second sketch reminds me of curious george with his hands over his eyes and his head is on fire .


Nice association. Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3 I am looking forward to your entry :)


Thank you for being part of this contest. Resteemed and Followed :)


Very nice drawing. Thank you for being part of this surreal project :) Resteemed and Folllowed :)


Thank you very much for your submission. I follow you now and I resteemed your post :)


Please follow the instructions :) Otherwise you have no chance of winning. Okay I see you made a post. Please next time post the link in the comment too so I see it easier. I resteemed your post and I follow you now :) Thank you for being part of this <3


Thank you

Interesting idea. I will try this later tonight when it's dark.


Cool, I am looking forward to see your entry <3

  ·  2년 전

Hello, i saw this post because of @skeptic Resteem it so i thought of giving it a try, this is my entry, i called it Dog Entry draw "Dog", in Drawing Contest: "Invisible Drawing"



Thank you for being part of this project. I resteemed your post and I follow you now :)


The dog is outside.? LOL


Very interesting drawing. I wonder why you decided to write so much. Did the words come to you in the darkness? I resteemed your post and I follow you :)


yes whenever I close my eyes in darkness I feel myself just like the drawing..

Here's my entry, thank for an amazing challenge. https://steemit.com/invisibledrawing/@edouard/drawing-in-the-dark-contest-entry-nighthawk-profile

La petite mort

Nighthawk Profile

The latter is the one I am submitting.

Yehey, this one is really interesting. Im sad because it is now morning in the Philippines. So, ill just do it tonight :)

I feel the interest to join and submit an entry because I really do not turn off the lights in my room because I have the ability to see figures or faces on things (even in a well-lit room). Usually I see faces of monsters or demons, or animals with human bodies and others. So, im try this tonight! Best of luck to your contest and to the participants. Thanks for hosting such :)


Cool :) I am looking forward to see how your drawing will look like <3


Thank you. I hope it pleases you :)


Thank you for sharing your vision. I resteemed your post and I follow you :)


Yeah thanks for all


Thank you for sharing your work with us. I resteemed your post and I follow you now :)


I already resteemed your post yesterday. I forgot to let you know though :) Thank you for being part of this contest and sharing your vision :) I follow you :)


Thank you for your submission. I resteemed your post and I follow you :)

loved the idea....
its my version of starry nights because i was imagining starry nights the whole time....

Thank you so much @yoganarchista, hope you like it.

I love the idea, am going to do one this night and post tomorrow, hope my sleepy eyes will allow me or give me good draws 😂.


Cool, I am looking forward to it :) No eyes need to be involved :D


Ok, I have finished drawing.
3little pictures, hope no one would laugh at them 😂 😂 😂.
Do I post them here on your comment or do a new post entirely and tag you and the invincible?


Thank you very much for your submission. I follow you and I resteemed your post :)

I like Ur Post i'm Not participating just I did this with Paint ^^ , That What I'm Seeing in The Dark now hh ^^ good luck for who want to participate


Cool ;) Thank you for sharing your vision :)

Hi @yoganarchista, this is my entry... 'The Watching Eye'
I believe in a creator, hence the eye could represent that the creator is always watching us. or the eye could represent the perspective from other people, the judgement from others etc...

Thanks and have a great day!


Thank you for your entry and your nice thoughts you expressed with it. I resteemed your post and I follow you now ;)


Thank you very much. I had fun creating the drawing, might think about creating another one if I get the time. It almost expresses one's subconscious when you just draw without much thinking. Have a great one!


Thank you very much fpr your entry :) I resteemed your drawing and I follow you now :)


Thanks abunch! This is a terrific contest


Thank you for your entry :) I upped and resteemed your post and I follow you <3


Wow thankyou so much !!!

Car Crash Tsunami Tree

photo 5


Thank you for the fun contest.
i think i did everything correctly. if i missed anything let me know.


Thank you for being part of this contest. I resteemed your post and I follow you now ;)


Thank you.
it was fun to do.

I'm gonna sit this one out.The shapes you have come up with are pretty fascinating though. More emotion than reason.


Thank you <3

Great initiative, will comwout with something interesting soon.


Cool, I am looking forward to see your work :)

Great idea to get us all drawing! I call this one "Sacred Mirror"


From my post:
'This drawing shows me a lot about myself. For one, I love design as well as symmetry. But most importantly, it's showing a reflection of a cosmic aspect of myself, as the eye is not only looking back at me, but is MY eye! The oval frame appears to be a mirror, and shows this is all about self reflection.'


Hello!! Entry titled, the monster comes from the cloud

Landscape from @mister-omortson

Very nice competition


Are you going to participate?

Dear @yoganarchista here I leave you my participation to your funny contest.
I broke a mental barrier with this challenge. Usually one wants to present a beautiful drawing, but sometimes you have to let go and not think so much. I was delighted to have been involved.


Dibujo Invisible.jpg

Hey! This is awesome. I had SO much fun with this, thank you for posting your contest. Now I am planning to do a drawing like this again tomorrow, just because :)

"Notes of Darkness"
Image of rsz_20180108_183639
I followed all the steps and am also following you, I don't even care if I win the contest, I would just love to play and have more fun with contests like this! Take care :)

I like your post good luck
Keep sharing

I love the idea, I think I might give it a try!

This is a really cool idea and i will be entering a submission tomorrow evening. (need sleep and busy morning tomorrow.)
Following you now and looking foward to seeing what happens when i draw in the dark.

Are we to put the pictures via comment or in a fresh post with the tags mentioned?

I want to join the contest, but i dont understand, how i join :( i've read this post. But still dont know :(

I am very happy to join this wonderful drawing contest. Mine is entitled "UNSAVED" check it out in my post /link:



This would be fun.
Am in

Abstract is beautiful, Arts is beautiful. Thank you for this

Field day

wow interesting competition.

Dear @yoganarchista! :)
I appreciate this contest and the experience it brought to me SO much! It was a wonderful feeling to participate! Thank you very much for inspiring me to be creative today! :)
Here's my piece of art I made while sitting in the dark! :)
It was really a spiritual moment to me! :)

The title of my picture is: "Growing insight"

I love that you spread some creative vibes and appreciate art, too! :)
And I love how expressive your pieces of art are! Wow! 💞
I hope you enjoy my post about your contest! :)
Best wishes. Namasté 💮

Yours Linda


Quite a unique contest. Will definitely give this a try. Upvoted and Resteemed. Have a wonderful day!

This is very cool! I plan to participate. Resteemed


Obviously you drew this in the dark with the lights totally out😂😂😂


there are lights brother :D i dont have more lighting than this


This does not have anything to do with this contest


Didn't know Night Vision goggles were allowed.😛


Hello, i saw this post because of @skeptic Resteem it so i thought of giving it a try, this is my entry, i called it "The Scream", in Drawing Contest: "Invisible Drawing"


This is pretty good :) Good luck in the contest!


Thanks a lot! :)


Here's my entry for the contest invisible drawing created by @yoganarchista. Thank you for this competition.


@kilojo you always thought you could draw better than me...not true , let's see how you fare.

Here's mine



I Will try to enter

Your concept is unique! And because of the twist, I can now join in a drawing contest even if I'm not skilled. Thank you for this :)
And here is my entry - https://steemit.com/invisibledrawing/@saskia/invisibledrawing-walk-together-hold-together

I love the idea of this contest, I will participate, we will see what comes out in the dark.

Thanks for that contest! I had a lot of fun, it was a whole new experience to me!
Here is the link to my drawing ~ through the blinds ~


sangat menarik, # @yoganarchista

Here is my contribution to the contest :)
Really nice idea, I enjoyed doing it!

Excellent initiative, here I leave the result of my drawing along with the link of my post. Thank you for the opportunity, have a happy day and good luck to all.