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With this, it seems like there's no ideal security in existence whatsoever. Data should self-destruct when viewed by people other than the owner or after being consumed by the rightful receiver. It's not like the movies at all. HaHa!


I have my iPhone erase on 10 login failures, I prefer to have it 5 or even less.


It's good to know those features exist. The problem is very few people use such. Thanks for the info.

Nothing like a $1,000 phone being as secure as a $9.99 burner.

Greaaaaaaat. Not that we have any privacy anyway, but it's like a Star Wars light/dark battle with technology now. And I don't count the TSA/NSA on the "light" side. 😩

It is a tricky balance between personal freedoms and safety but it seems like our government has been losing more and more balance here over time.

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I still don't how I'll get surprised by this, just pray you are not on the target list of NSA and the likes no matter what phone or gadget you're in can be hacked, that cellebrite is just making this know doesn't mean some Russian hackers aren't been doing it without making noise about it.
Trust me on this.

true friend, the world is now more evil than good, I love posting friends

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Open source is the way to go, more people can review the code and check for vulnerabilities.

is a shame the lack of privacy (talking about airports and how they could ask you to reveal your data). Maybe in this age of crypto wallets we could refuse to give away passwords/unlocks on our devices and access to our information saying that is like getting access to our money not just our contact list, chats, etc?

the powers that be are a bunch of cowards... instead of telling us that they want to control every aspect of our lives, they go commit crimes and find boogie mans to blame for..... lee harvey oswald, osama bin laden...etc

we lost a lot after 9 11, lets find it back.

fantastik i like👍

I'm new here and just found your profile. Good stuff and followed :))

Its always a race between hackers who find exploits and those who fix them.

Cellebrite is an Israeli company.
They succeeded to prove that the question is not if you're going to be hacked but when.
The answer is when someone will decide to do it.

Generally, it’s a battle we’ve never won and never will. The hacking industry will always be at least one step ahead and are able to operate in a much more focused way.

I do think that for specific use cases the solution is available already for (mobile) devices. For for example crypto wallets and digital identities the Secure Enclave should be a great asset, especially as that tech (hopefully) continues to be further developed.

But it will most likely be something which will only be present in high end devices for the next few years.

But we shouldn’t delude ourselves. There’s no way we can ever fight, let alone win the fight, against the ridiculous amounts of money the national security services throw at it and also pay hacking companies.

Related: Palantir.

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thanks for sharing a glimpse of the iPhone problem. I really appreciate your information this.

move. pack your bags and move to switzerland

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Your write up has good content. It left for the company step up on its stance on how secure they want their product should be. Government will always meddle, but thank God for existing laws. Thanks a lot.

I have too work in to this, because am shocked about this, great post and hackers AR going wild.

thanks for sharing about i phone problem ...

Having some nice shoot

I still have an older flip phone. After this news, I am less likely to get a smarty phone.


smartphones more like dumbphones

thank you very much for the info...

nice post buddy ... i prefer samsung tho...

As soon as I was tricked into upgrading to ios11 everything slowed down...apparently Apple is sorry about that, how nice of them, but everything is still very slow.