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my drama for this challenge is a true life story

Happy reading


Solar is a business man and he life in Lagos,

he have a friend that live in village, calling kayode, kayode is a thief but solar is not aware of this,

one faithful day kayode decide to come to Lagos, and discuss this with solar,

solar agreed to accommodate kayode since he knows him from village already,

on getting to Lagos, kayode discussed something with solar that lead to solar helping him to start his on business, but decide to give him his license first so that they can be working together,

one day kayode told solar that he wanted to travel that someone introduce him to one business solar agreed with him and give kayode some cash to get some good when coming back, instead of kayode to use the money to invest he use the money to buy gun and started robbery,

one day he get arrested and mention solar as the Pilar of there gang, and sola get arrested and they kill them together,

this is how sola been killed for crime that a friend commit.

Thanks for reading

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Nice story. But you didn't show the conversation between Solar and Kayode. Thanks for joining the challenge.


Thanks boss, I wil edit it