Not willing to sound pedantic. Some time ago I got 126 IQ in a test, but I feel quite normal and even slow. Yes it is true that I think a lot, but I do not perceive my "advantage" over my university colleagues, is it really significant?

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I saw some documentary where they showed an American guy who has one of the highest IQ's in the world,but he has terrible social skills and.he works in a bar. If you really are smart then you will choose to teach yourself a skill for example programming and avoid college and making student debt.

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Look at it like this: At 126 IQ, your intelligence is higher than approximately 96% of the world population and lower than approximately 4% of the world population. But then looking explicitly at university graduates, this would likely be only slightly better than a 50%/50% split. Then when you get deeply into a subject and the internet weighs in, chances are you will find yourself on some advanced group where your intelligence is higher to only that of 10% of the group members, while 90% of the group members has an intelligence higher than yours.