Record Heat, Evacuations, Plague, and Sink Hole? By Archbishop Selena Scott


Israeli heatwave reaches record-breaking 50 degrees Celsius in Sodom

Israel’s extreme heatwave, responsible for sparking several wildfires throughout the country, has reached a record-breaking peak of 49.9 degrees Celsius in Sodom, near the Dead Sea.
Wednesday’s temperature is the highest ever recorded since Israel was founded in 1948, and the second-highest since national weather records began in the 1920s, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.


Evacuations ordered as large brush fire burns on Maui

More than 600 people on Maui were in shelters and thousands were ordered to evacuate because of a large brush fire in the central part of the island Thursday, officials and local media reported.

The blaze had reached an estimated 3,000 acres, the Maui County mayor said at a news conference. No injuries or significant property damage had been reported, he said.


U.S. 36 still sinking an inch per hour; cost over $20 million

DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation says U.S. 36 has sunk more than 10 feet since last week and is still sinking one inch per hour.

The collapse was caused as a result of shifting soil underneath the road. This stretch of the highway was only built five years ago.

"There is a clay layer underneath the ground that has become saturated and when that clay layer absorbs water it loses its strength," CDOT Chief Engineer Josh Laipply said. "That is kind of the frustrating part for us -- things are continuing to fail, continuing to sink."


Dr. Drew: Los Angeles Faces Imminent Outbreak of Bubonic Plague

Dr. Drew Pinsky said Friday that Los Angeles faces an imminent outbreak of bubonic plague because of the growth of the homeless population and the failure of state and local authorities to deal with rodent problems.


Is there a light at the end of the dark tunnel?
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