Irrigation of crops in my village


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Aaj me aap k sath faslon k aab pashi k tareeke share kron ga.District Okara Punjab k fertile land me shumar hota h.District Okara k tehsil depalpur agricultural production k lehax se poori dunya me famous h.Aala quality ka patatos ,rice,makai ,wheat or kapas yahan k famous zari ijnas hain.Zayada tar logon ka rozgar bhi agriculture se munsalik h.Yahan k log mehnti or sakhat jaan hain.Raat din aik kr yeh aapne watan k khidmat kr rahe hain.Agriculture k lye jahan zameen ka fertile hona hona zarori h wahan pr pe saaf pani ka hona bhi zarori h.Lehaza faslon k aab pashi k lye log mukhtalif sources istmal krte hain jin me most common 1) turbine kr zaree 2) Nehr k zaree aabpashi h.Aaj me Aap k sath hamare gaon me lagi turbines k kuch tasaweer share kr raha hn.


Chonk zameen k neeche ka pani boht h shafaf h is lye log faslon k irrigation or peene k lye bhi is pani ko istmal me late hain.


Janwaron ko pani turbine se h pilaya jata h.


Gaaon ka mahool saaf suthra or log intahi purazam or muhabat or ikhlaq wale hain.


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