Embrace Good Changes.

2개월 전

I’ve finally started to find some really good flow states again.

I think the main issue was actually putting the preparedness plan in place and running down the consumables. I had woefully under estimated how long things would last but not only that did not consider the re-up and what that would be like.

How time would fly by and before I knew it I would be scrambling for resources to replace what I had purchased. I had gotten into such a great flow with it and I had learned lessons early on about storage of food, basic stuff — not even to the level of pickling and such like.

Then the delivery service got backed up and just never stopped, everyone now switched to having everything delivered, now they are working from home I see a switch. It used to be commute out of the house to a place of work and then collect resources on the commute back out — to either stock up or for consumption that day.

Now I’m seeing people turn delivery into events, treats, or just to stock up the larder again like my grandparents used to do it. It makes so much more sense now than ever. I was on the road to getting into that larder vibe but more so than ever I’m determined to get that running properly.

Also, my GO bag is so WEAKSAUCE. I have to completely rebuild that from scratch and maybe finally I’ll get to fire up @everydaycarry account and step through all the things I buy for that on the blockchain maybe? Don’t know, so many projects, so many accounts, I’m glad that I’ve gotten over this PEAK and found a new flow state.

I’d also say to dayle that people would not do anything about their behaviours and everyday life until no food was on the shelfs. I never saw the flour situation happening or eggs running out like they did. It’s really made me focus on the basics and access to them — heck they even brought back restored mills because demand was so much.

admittedly this was mainly women baking cakes for the NHS but still, all I wanted was a bag of flour so I could make some breakfast wraps with my eggs! :)

It’s been a good change all over, the shunt, the push that I needed, literally in the space of a month I levelled up finally after four years based on an amount I thought I would never see in my account on one gig service and also ended up with a relevantly small community of people interested in streaming to the web — I know it’s something I can totally expand upon, heck even write a book around.

So right now, I’m embracing these changes.

It’s not the great big sweeping changes I had wished for that would activate the after but I feel like my roadmap is there for me to see, I’ve literally got thirteen new micro courses that revolve around the new now of digital remote working and the potential to expand the gigging side of my life as long as I’m committed to expanding that.

I’m still considering what things I can offer that are personal, can be turned around quickly and are of value. I don’t want to make cookie cutter stuff but I do want to make it something that people need and have a level of ownership over — I think I wanna get that to the point where I can either do it on an iPad Pro or remote into a cloud instance that’s super fast updating, I’m currently looking at parsec for teams for that.

Maybe that future that IBM had back in the 80’s is finally going to come true just a handful of decades later. That we all connect into our own up to date hardware cloud instances and work remotely. If we thought that technology, apps and software were cool now just wait until we augmented our environment on top of that.

Stay Safe Out There!
Mouser xx

p.s — thinking of setting up a community for streaming and tools, like obs and other things for other people who want to form a small group of skill and talent exchange while playing, creating and making, let me know if that’s of interest!

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