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Confidence is very high that this story you break will not make the enemedia headlines. However, it is without a doubt one of the most important stories of the year, perhaps so far this millenium.

Putin's close ties to Chabad Lubavitch is quite alarming, given Trump's ties through Kushner and Wilbur Ross, and the ongoing Syrian affliction. I doubt I have fully grasped the significance of your Psygroup broadcast, the Zionist affect on Q, and George Webb's declaration of his dependence and affiliation with 'old guard' Mossad, whom he stated dumped HRC because she and her unabashedly corrupt profiteering through CGI and the Clinton Foundation were 'bad for business.'

Thank you very much for your journalistic integrity Nathan. I can appreciate that this nears a dangerous pass for your commercial endeavor, as your point regarding the US State Dept.'s definition of antisemitism makes reporting on this intrigue and propaganda politically charged.

Yet, you have chosen to reveal as much of the truth as you seemed to have grasped. This is admirable indeed, and should be the practice of all people that hold their spiritual, intellectual, and moral values in high regard.


New shirts have been ordered.

Excellent report. Very chilling implications. I keep half hoping that the positive Trump or Putin hype would turn out to be true but I've always had my doubts.
The fact is that people have to stop expecting a leader to emerge and save humanity. Every time a leader emerges, those in control are behind him standing in the shadows.

Sure hope their plan doesn't go down the way they're thinking.
Sure hope people wake up and realize the danger. These are very scary times.

Do you think this is a new thing. That now suddenly the Money brokers of the world, the Luciferian Israeli Lobby suddenly are involved in American Politics? I am glad that you have become aware of this very old fact. Have you read what Henry Ford wrote almost 100 years ago "The International Jew"

Volume 1: The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem (1920)
The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem (Volume I) - Nov. 1920 - 1st Edition


The Jew in Character and Business
Germany's Reaction Against the Jew
Jewish History in the United States
The Jewish Question—Fact or Fancy?
Anti-Semitism—Will It Appear in the U.S.?
Jewish Question Breaks Into the Magazines
Arthur Brisbane Leaps to the Help of Jewry
Does a Definite Jewish World Program Exist?
The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism
An Introduction to the "Jewish Protocols"
"Jewish" Estimate of Gentile Human Nature
"Jewish Protocols" Claim Partial Fulfillment
"Jewish" Plan to Split Society by "Ideas"
Did the Jews Foresee the World War?
Is the Jewish "Kahal" the Modern "Soviet"?
How the "Jewish Question" Touches the Farm
Does Jewish Power Control the World Press?
Does This Explain Jewish Political Power?
The All-Jewish Mark on "Red Russia"
Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism

Volume 2: Jewish Activities in the United States (1921)
Jewish Activities in the United States (Volume 2) - April, 1921


How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength
Jewish Testimony on "Are Jews a Nation?"
Jew Versus Non-Jew in New York Finance
The High and Low of Jewish Money Power
"Disraeli of America"—A Jew of Super-Power
The Scope of Jewish Dictatorship in the U.S.
Jewish Copper Kings Reap Rich War-Profits
Jewish Control of the American Theater
The Rise of the First Jewish Theatrical Trust
How Jews Capitalized a Protest Against Jews
The Jewish Aspect of the "Movie" Problem
Jewish Supremacy in Motion Picture World
Rule of the Jewish Kehillah Grips New York
The Jewish Demand for "Rights" in America
"Jewish Rights" Clash With American Rights
"Jewish Rights" to Put Studies Out of Schools
Disraeli—British Premier, Portrays the Jews
Taft Once Tried to Resist Jews—and Failed
When Editors Were Independent of the Jews
Why the Jews Dislike the Morgenthau Report
Jews Use the Peace Conference to Bind Poland

Volume 3: Jewish Influence in American Life (1921)


The Jews and the "Religious Persecution" Cry
Are the Jews Victims or Persecutors?
Jewish Gamblers Corrupt American Baseball
Jewish Degradation of American Baseball
Jewish Jazz Becomes Our National Music
How the Jewish Song Trust Makes You Sing
Jewish Hot-Beds of Bolshevism in the U.S.
Jew Trades Link With World Revolutionaries
Will Jewish Zionism Bring Armageddon?
How the Jews Use Power—By an Eyewitness
How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall
Jew Wires Direct Tammany's Gentile Puppets
B'nai B'rith Leader Discusses the Jews
Dr. Levy, a Jew, Admits His People's Error
Jewish Idea in American Monetary Affairs
Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan
Jewish Idea of Central Bank for America
How Jewish International Finance Functions
Jewish Power and America's Money Famine

Volume 4: Aspects of Jewish Power in the United States (1922)


How Jews Gained American Liquor Control
Gigantic Jewish Liquor Trust and Its Career
The Jewish Element in Bootlegging Evil
Angles of Jewish Influence in American Life
The Jews' Complaint Against "Americanism"
The Jewish Associates of Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal
Arnold and His Jewish Aids at West Point
The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names
Jewish "Kol Nidre" and "Eli, Eli" Explained
Jews as New York Magistrates See Them
Jews Are Silent, the National Voice Is Heard
What Jews Attempted When they Had Power
The Jewish Question in Current Testimony
America's Jewish Enigma—Louis Marshall
The Economic Plans of International Jews
A Jew Sees His People As Others See Them
Candid Address to Jews on the Jewish Problem
An Address to "Gentiles" on the Jewish Problem

This is not a new phenomenon. What has been exposed is only the tip of the iceberg. The agenda is much more sinister and evil than you can even imagine. Please read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion it has never been proven to be false writings but always argued by the true anti-Semites that it was plagiarized. It is a hard pill to swallow but all has come to pass.

Trump agent of the banking cartel exposed.