Wedding anniversary / traditional Italian food(+_+)

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Hello friends of steemit ... Today I was on wedding anniversary, and it was great, it's been two years since I got married and I've really enjoyed the experience, it's the most wonderful thing, to have someone by your side who understands you and I value you every day, to be able to count on the good times and the bad ones ... I wanted to share it with you today and I have some pictures of you and also of the meals that we enjoyed in an Italian restaurant.

The truth is that this food is one of the favorites of the world ... We ordered a fetuccine pasta with putanesca sauce and fetuccine with bolognesa sauce, wao was a very rich meal and without leaving behind an onion soup and a Cuban mojito without alcohol.
The most curious of all is that I wanted to know where the name of the putanesca sauce came from, since it is a somewhat peculiar name and it gives a lot to think about, as it turns out that it has many versions, one of them are:

-The curious name of this sauce is attributed to the prostitution of the Middle Ages, it is said that women they practiced street prostitution on winter nights, They required the noodles accompanied with a high-calorie sauce.

-The sailors who fished the anchovies, arrived at the port of Naples and while they emptied their cellars they took refuge in the houses of appointment of the city. The sailors paid the prostitutes with fish. In the end everyone ate anchovies prepared by the ladies, which became famous and then not only sold their bodies but this fantastic dish.

-The putanesca sauce refers to the nocturnal activity of the prostitutes, which is why they got up late in the morning and when they arrived at the market there were only some loose things to prepare the sauce, and so this recipe was made with what was left in the posts.

Already with this irfomacion compiled of Internet, because I see that all they give alucion to the prostitution, which I conclude that any of the versions ds validates for this one so rich sauce.
What do you think?

I leave you an image of my special day and full of love👰💑❤️💟IMG_20180212_222630_720.jpg

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Felicidades angela y kavier, de parte de Nene Q y mia !! Dios derrame sobreabundantes bendiciones en su vida!


Muchas gracias Glory, saludos a Nene, ok no mega abrazo y Bendiciones de Jesucristo.


Amén... Gracias 😘😘😘😘😘 saludos a los dos y muchas bendiciones.