Shitposting to riches - A steemit success story

7개월 전

So i bought my STEEM way overpriced and tried to increase my stack eversince.
Sadly i have nothing of interest to say, so all i´m left with is shitposting coupled with bot abuse.

But it finally paid off!

Finally i can spend the rest of my days getting fed grapes and enjoying manual palm frond AC

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You did good, you really did. You made something of yourself, like all of us...
The grapes and fronds are being bulk-ordered as I type this comment.

You are truly an inspiration. Shitposting is an art. An entertaining shitpost ain't an easy thing to create. May you prosper more.

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Wait.... what am I looking at? :|


Look at your wallet ´ol pal! You might be much richer than you thought!