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You don't flag trash, you are trash. Trash posts, trash votes, and trash comments.


Haha total agree, shame how an account like this gets praised for posting crap and flagging peoples comments when there's actual people on here sharing useful information that don't get half as much recognition

congratulation brother for opening a new projects, keep it up @iflagtrash

Wow amazing, nice post....

Now this is friggin' nice! I saw your flag on a post and it was quite accurate. Thank you for creating this project. I❤️u.

edit: Tu-turuuu, join the war of opinions.

Why are you flagging me? My link here

This is to call the bot to check if my works are original or not.

#edit. all other users are calling the bot like that and i've followed the guidelines. You are disturbing me. Please reply.

I am a fan of new projects. Followed.

I am not a robot, I am in a friendly participation comment,thank you for reading. this is my comment and this.

Yes, we're waiting...


hallo bother i need your vote in my post @iflagtrash

Hi, brother. Why did you go to my post to flag @cn-naughty.boy's comment? Yes, it looks like a bot, but its comments are pretty interesting.

Sir, With due respect, I think many flags are being given to the wrong people.
For instance,

In this post, a guy named @resan. He didn't do any bad comments. But he got flagged anyway.

He asked my why he got flagged, but I couldn't answer his question. But with your help I might be able to answer him.

Please do reply :)

Warm welcome for the new initiative. Followed to stay tuned.

It is already working nice