[Splinterlands] Some cheap/versatile card that might be missing in your Water splinter lineup

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This post is in continuation of my previous post but this time my theme is Water splinter.

I am analyzing here some cheap and useful card that can boost your Water splinter line up.

So here are my picks.



A 1 mana card is always a useful card specially in low mana battles. On top of it has "flying " ability that is very useful ability for "Earthquake" ruleset. On level 6 it has get extra "healing" ability. With level 1 costing just 3 cents, I will recommend as a "must" have card.


Water Elemental.png

Water Elemental have self healing property and have very high swiftness and good attack value of 2 at level 1. It got additional ability of dodge at higher level .Use this card at tail and it is high probability that opponent can miss it and even if it got hit it is probable that it can heal itself.


Naga Windmaster.png

A reward card having "headwinds" ability at its level 1 is just amazing. It is just crippling all the enemy range attack monsters.At higher levels it also got shatter ability.For me it is always a tough decision to choose between Naga Windmaster vs Water Elemental if I have to choose only one range attack monster.


Torhilo the Frozen.png

My reason for liking torhilo is its "void" ability and nice health.It also have last man standing and shatter ability. I also like its high attack value but it's mana cost is bit high.

Now it's time of some honorable mention, these cards are not cheap as such but they are value for money.


Crustacean King.png

A common card lvl 1 bcx costing more than 40 cents a piece is not cheap at all but it is value for money.It is healer,an attacker and provide armor to whole team at higher level.It is very unlikely that you see that someone using the Water summoner and not using this card.


Mermaid Healer.png

It has triage ability that heals the friendly backline monster that has taken the most damage .In higher level it has "Strengthen" ability too. I think it is perfect friend of "Ruler of seas" when magic reflect ability of opponent monster is seriously hurting your magic monsters.

These are my pick of cards in Water Splinter team. Please add if you think any other card that is worthy of adding here.
And yes,share(resteem) ,upvote and comments are welcome.

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