A Random Story From Childhood - 2

2년 전

Ah now where was I... oh yes, that little kid back in grade school who got all sad over the WORST possible crime that could happen to any individual, and the proctors that defended him.

This goes back to first grade, once again, and on the playground. Oh those were the good'ol days. I mean, before I get to the point, this is a time where we used commodore 64 computers to type documents... heck I think they also used some old Apple II computers (black disk drives with the rainbow apple on it)… oh man I miss it.

Heck remember those playgrounds that were blacktop and these wooden structures? I think it looked something like this:

OK so just like in the photo you see there, there was a kid who looked just like that. He was tough as nails, or so he looked... till one day he got into a fight with some kids on the playground. All I heard was this terrible screeching like some dog being dragged across a window.

I see this kid huffin about, shoulders up and lips drooping down to his shoes. Next thing I heard was, "HE CALL ME BOOTAY!!!" Along comes proctor to confront the kids that did it. They called him bootie.. apparently he doesn't take kindly to such words, but I'll never forget the look on his face.... he wouldn't be the last. I'll get to that in a second :P

So proctor puts everyone on the bench, including bystanders for not defending him... I didn't know he was fighting, I was playing with jacks believe it or not.. yup, jacks, those little metal stars and the rubber ball. Not a Gameboy, not a phone, what the heck are you kids doing these days anyway? Kid cries, gets away with murder, everyone suffered it.. tough as nails... the things some people get away with. Have things changed much these days? Well, these people grew up, look around... get my drift?

Oh yea, about that grim expression on his face, that reminds me of another story. Next time... x)

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