A Random Story From Childhood - 3

2년 전

I was such a mean kid. Hello and welcome to another short bit from my childhood. Last time I spoke of the most grim faces I'd ever seen.

This was probably around 1991. I was with my dad, picking up milk and gassing up. Before leaving, he heads to the payphone. There was a payphone on each side of the building. These things were everywhere back then. While my dad was on the phone, some other guy was with his kid on the other side using the phone. I don't know what was going through my mind, maybe I was bored... so I make eye contact with the kid on the opposite side and he's kinda staring back.. who knows what he's thinking.

Out of the blue, I stick my tongue out at him and smile. He gets the most exasperated face, shocked, OMG how could he do this to me he probably thought to himself... so he sticks his tongue back. I laugh a little, then do it again. Mind you, I'm actually having fun, I was just playing. He does it back with an even bigger expression. Suddenly BANG, knuckle to the kid's head from his dad. The kid looks up at his dad with the most droopy lips and wide open mouth expression, it was soooo sad, but I couldn't help feel a little satisfied at what had happened.

The dad scolds him, but while that's happening, my dad finishes his call and we head to the car. I think he saw everything unfold because he kinda laughed to me, "Were you making faces at that boy?" I admitted to it, yes. We laughed about it and headed home.

Ah those were happy times... Don't worry, there's a LOT more to talk about. For now, here's a quick doodle of how I remembered his face. Poor kid... lol

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