Abandon Ship - Steemit is dead

2년 전

Well it was nice while it lasted. Invest $20, end up with $1. OK I didn't particularly care much for the money making part of this site though. I just wanted a blog for random posts etc.. this seemed like a nice place to do it, however I'm going to have to close up shop and move elsewhere.

The site is broken, completely, and for way too long. There's a lot of downtime. Posts don't go through most of the time (notice my lack of activity), it's because when I click post, there's an eternal loading circle. Today seems to be working, but only after 5 or so refreshes/retries. Asking for help or reporting issues goes ignored or downvoted (swept under the rug). Well, I am at liberty to leave.. so I shall. I don't believe they will ever fix this site. Same goes for all steem apps like Dtube and others. Time to move on :/

Fans, you can still follow me at izlude.com, it just won't go to this steemit profile anymore. I'll be preparing another page in the meantime, but as of today, this is my last post. Steemit viewers, you may find me at the mentioned link. Please give my domain about a day to update/redirect to my new blog. You've been a great audience. Follow me over there!

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