Blizzard is dead. Start using private servers!

2년 전

Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, you name it. Most of these games have been jailbroken to no longer require a key. Nobody is playing on official servers anymore (save for a handful... and I mean a HANDFUL, like 10-15 people at most per game). The reason? Blizzard hates its users. There's no more support coming from the crew that massacred some of the most beloved names... such as Diablo.

One of the biggest issues with Blizzard was that if you install a game (in my case Diablo 2) you will get banned simply for installing it. You will also get subsequent bans at random as "their means of weeding out bots"... weeks later, game logs into the official server.... only to find nobody is playing. Where is everyone??? Gee I wonder...

Well it turns out nobody took kindly to Blizzard's recent stunt, banning tens of thousands of its players and even spectators who weren't in agreement with Blizzard's standpoints. Simply put, Blizzard hates free speech and it hates ALL of its users. Heck, did you know Blizzard has its own police force that go scouting the internet (including YouTube) to try to tie in user names with names on its database, then when matches are made, they actually ban users from being able to play the games they legally bought??? These scouts go out looking for users that post things that Blizzard doesn't agree with. That would be like the Indian guy at 7-eleven coming to my house to take back the Slurpee because I don't like eating curry. (I do like curry... xD)

These players had only one place to go, and that was the way of the private server. No longer are people playing Blizzard's games on their servers because they no longer want to have to deal with the BS of this dead company.

I went ahead and looked at some of these private servers, and holy shmeeholy, THAT'S where everyone went!!!!! Thousands of players daily for all these games. Wow!!!! The game hasn't been this exciting since its initial release!!! There's so many people, I love it!!! Even my old G3 Mac plays online with these people! This is sick!!!!

Now when it comes to games like StarCraft 2, (which is free btw) there are patches to jailbreak it so that you no longer need to be online to play it, or even connect to Blizzard's servers at all. Go to a private server now and play with the majority.

What about MMOs like WoW? (yea folks apparently still play it), well there are private servers for that too, you can opt for classic quests or the private servers own quests. I personally wasn't a WoW fan/player, but to each his own, you have your options to play off grid with this one as well.

Now don't get me wrong, a lot of these games have had private servers for a while now, but some of the more recent ones (or at least the ones that were required to have an online connection to work) have recently been jailbroken to work off the grid, and I say, go for it!

I encourage all people to stop playing on Blizzard's servers once and for all, to kill the company and let it finally rest in peace (or pieces), and for us to ultimately force these games into public domain, keeping them for ourselves only and playing on servers that are not Blizzard's.

Game on!

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