Intel Optane DOES work with Celeron!!!

2년 전

Last month, I wrote a small rant in that Intel disabled Optane support on their bargain chips like Pentiums and Celerons... ok fair enough, it was to be expected because they probably didn't wire it up electronically...


These chips have existed for quite a while, and that's not the embarrassing part. They indeed WERE hardwired to work with Optane, Intel just decided that they didn't want these chips to use it for this reason, "Just Because"... good grief Intel!!!

Well around March 29th 2019, they indeed enabled it with a BIOS update (vendors may vary). I run a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 OP (z370). To my surprise, I got an email from GB themselves stating that they have released the F13 BIOS and that Optane is now supported on alllll chips. HOLY SMOKES!!!

Here it is folks! Optane can now be enabled on their dirt cheap CPUs, such as my Celeron 4920:

Once I click that enable button, all my wildest wet fant, jk.. my HDD's speed will be multiplied x 1000. Programs will load instantly! Or maybe levels will load quicker on games? I dunno.. I really don't know if I will be able to tell a difference. If I do, I'll post about it. Right now, I just have this one HDD. I don't believe optane works with USB 3.x HDDs, because if it did, that would be really cool. At least it works anyway. So there's yer update

Optane works for all 8th gen and 9th gen Intel chips! Have at it!

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