It's Mario Kart World Tour for your phone. I like it.

2년 전

Today I got a text message alerting me that this lil game, Mario Kart World Tour, was ready to be installed. I guess I preregistered, so.. there ya go!

It's an automatic go forward, so don't worry about holding any buttons to go forward, break or whatever. You've got 2 ways to control it. Normal turning (which is for your toddlers playing on mom's phones?) and drifting. Yeah... do drifting...

The controls are pretty smooth. It almost feels natural to me. It will take some getting used to yes, but after that, it's like you ARE the control... does that make sense? Like.. you're an extension of it? I dunno... I think Nin did a good job with it, very nice rollout.

There are rankings, friends lists and multiplayer, but multiplayer is coming later. So for now, just add each other. I'm having issues with adding some people. My niece added me no problem, but she won't appear on my list. Will try later.

The rankings are the highlight of this app. I don't see any real way people are gonna be able to cheat. Macros? Nope.. TAS? Maybe... but each time you re-race, the people get in your way, new obstacles, weapons etc... Yeah I don't see TAS working.

It appears that we are all going to be separated into different servers. I'm 1st place tier 1 rank in my server. My niece's server shows someone entirely different (with a much lower score than mine). This game is not forgiving. If you get hit by a weapon, you are NOT going to beat any scores, period. If someone tosses a blue shell at you, might as well give up and restart the race. That's all there is to it. So luck factors into it, however that didn't stop me from trying. Here's my score for the time being. I'll be dishing it out all night to get it just a tad higher. I'm more than certain 15k or even 20k is very doable. I just suck right now. Honorable mentions and shoutouts to the names in this list. You are now public.

for those patient enough to look through this post, here's my friend ID:
3486 4226 2504

Screenshot_20190925-185043_Mario Kart.jpg

UPDATE: I was wrong, I could go higher:

Screenshot_20190929-091613_Mario Kart.jpg

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