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No... I'm not talking about RGB signal, I'm talking about RGB Lighting built into TV Cable Set Top Boxes!!! OMG!!!!

I take full responsibility for this one folks... I'm sorry... In fact, a Linus Tech video convinced me to do it. Linus kinda joked about the idea of having an RGB capable cable box... and that would probably look something like this:

cable box.gif

I know!!! It's cool!!! But it wouldn't JUST be the text face... oh no, that's just the beginning! The buttons would all be clear plastic with their own RGB LEDs inside. Obviously you would have the option to set the brightness, I mean it could be distracting... but then again, the LEDs behind my TV aren't distracting either. This would really complete any RGB fan's theme. RGB TV, RGB Computer Case, RGB cable box!!! I would expect to only have to pay a $2 premium for the addition... I know cable boxes are expensive as it is, and the RGB doesn't add extra performance... but it is cool, and novelties are coming back into style, believe it!

So how did this happen? It's all because I got in touch with some of the more prominent figures in the industry.. pff I know, goofy'ol Izlude did it again! So when are they coming? Not sure, but the folks over at Spectrum really ate this one up, especially since the company's name is now Spectrum. ;D MaiRight???

Now just to make sure this DOES come into fruition, you better start spreading this info around like a mad virus so they know people are indeed interested in this! You can't not have this... we have:
-RGB power cords
-RGB ribbon cables
-RGB hard drives
-RGB built into some TVs (no LED strips needed)
-RGB house fans (not just PC fans, like keep cool fans)
-RGB desks
-RGB furniture (chairs and dinner tables)
-RGB picture frames
-RGB light bulbs
-RGB speakers
-RGB coffee mugs
-RGB tankards
-RGB beer cans
-RGB vape
-RGB cell phones
-RGB tires (the tires, not the hub caps, but yes also hub caps)
-RGB bikes
-RGB clothes
-RGB window blinds
-RGB ring pops
-RGB faucets for your kitchen/bathroom
-RGB restaurants
-RGB houses (on purpose, rgb on the floor boards, walls, doors, everything)
-RGB weapons
-RGB nuclear power plants (yes this is real!!!!!!)
-RGB street lights
-RGB sidewalks
-RGB RGB (yes rgb leds built right into other RGB leds for maximum color throughput)
ok you get the point... everything is now RGB!!!

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