Scalpers! But this time, it's funny :P

2년 전

It's Hatsune Miku!!! No she isn't the scalper, but she is being scalped... of her precious blue lush hair...

Thermaltake made some mice, keyboards, mouse pads etc themed after her. They released the mouse about 2 months ago along with the mouse pad, but not the keyboard (yet). I spoke to some reps over at Ttesports and they confirmed that they will be releasing the keyboard to the west, but quite a bit later.

In the meantime, there's a scalper on ebay trying to sell it for about $650 USD. Aye aye aye… I scalp from time to time (I'm a part time loan shark too), but even I admit this is overboard. This person doesn't seem to know how the business works. The mouse pad is $60, the mouse itself is also $60, the keyboard will most likely be between $80 - 115... no more than that really. A scalping rate in which the fish will bite would be around $250, no more no less. (300 maybe.. but that would really be pushing it)

I wouldn't call this scalping, I'd say it's more like decapitation. Here's the link for you to lol at...

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