The hell is odercraft? (for Minecraft)

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EDIT: OK I misjudged this place. I did write an article, but I'm deleting everything and rewriting it. Partly because I actually met the owner(s?) a moment ago in game and they were pretty cool.

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Well folks... I play Minecraft every now and then. Some servers are good, others are crap. I mostly do survival, I'm not very creative... Here's proof:

(my base in Mineplex survival bedrock edition/win10)

Otherwise I like exploring some of the more oddball servers. There's InPvP which has roleplay, yeah like I'm gonna do that... crumpets and tea guvna? There's friggin cubecraft games which censors 90% of the dictionary. The Hive, Lifeboat (probably the best one), Nether Games, Flygons, Mineplex blahba blah. Then I came across something called Odercraft.

Short story on how I got to this server. I was on InPvP, did the high school lessons to get Teacher's Aid tag (just to say I completed it)... one of the students invites me to this other server and says it would be lots of fun. I head on over to plug in this server address: (java version only). Logged in and...

The image is kinda funny. I don't know if it's supposed to be provocative, or if it's just literally a girl sitting down (this is java version after all). But the first time I came in, almost all the players acted irritated and posted "WTF is Isilud?" The person that invited me apparently wanted to marry me... you can get married on this server. Yeah that's not my cup of tea, guvna.

Fast forward, so I logged in again at night, met different people with a different response. That's more like it. According to the owner, it's been up for about 3 years. There's a steady influx of players, sometimes reading around 17, but tonight there were about 40 users on. They were a lively bunch of users. I think their ages range between teens to young adult (16 - 25) but I wouldn't doubt there's creepy old Herbert from Family guy lurking about. I simply go where people talk the most, and so far, this is one of the most talkative servers.

What's there to chat about? Bitcoins.. Websites.. Programming.. whatever floats. Heck, I'm always interested in finding some interesting Bitchute channels. (youtube poop or whatever, keep amused). So if the folks here aren't as bad as I thought they would be, then it's probably worth checking out. The server IP was mentioned earlier, so you can go ahead and plug it in and give this server a try.

There's some cool features. You get a cell phone, pets, the usual, but the phone is what's really neat. I'm still learning, so don't wait for me.

I wouldn't call this a review, just a word of mouth mention of a server most might cringe at (dating server) but if you don't care about that kinda stuff, you can still join and chat. MC is basically becoming a walk around chatroom these days. Remember yahoo chatroom back in the late 90s? Yeah, that was pretty lit.. until booters came, I turned into a little shit and started wreaking havoc along with hundreds of other bored teens.

Have fun folks.

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