You Have To Read!

2년 전

Well, this post is one that you just HAVE TO READ!

Otherwise you won't have a clue what the hell I am on about here.

To cut a long story short:

This account was created by me back last year as a "Plan B" in case my original account got stolen!

However, I had this really brilliant idea of opening up an account for fun, for all the third party apps, for mucking around on, enjoying my experience on our blockchain without all the "pressure" to conform and be what others want me to be or behave the way others want.

So, there was born an account for those purposes.

I never hid who I was there, always signed off on all posts with my name, the damn header literally yells my name @jackmiller.

Not sure what else I could have done to make it any clearer.

However, such is life, many people do not read the header or the footer or signature block.

So here I am, utilizing my "Plan B" account for all the fun stuff that isn't necessarily in any way "Witness" related or about "commerce", "planning", marketing or any other topic that is applicable to my account on which I also have my witness server registered on.

So, yes, this is it.

& there is no way that anyone can say "I didn't know it was you".

Because I think the username here is quite clear!

  • the avatar

  • the header

  • me being me... geeeez what else is needed, idk.


Enjoy the stay, I will!

Basically YOU HAVE TO READ THIS so that you don't have to read any of the posts, because who in this modern day and age actually reads any of my posts. Really, I mean, wtf.


Yours truly,

If you want an avatar and other graphics like my “Robotroo” contact @jimramones


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what you are saying is your not @mypics?
then who WAS @mypics?


Yeah, mypics was so well known that at the Easter Mass at St Peters church/square people were asking:

"Who is that guy in the funny hat up on the balcony next to mypics?"

Hey! I read your post Jackmillertwo. All of it. The tittle and the footnote(s). And everything in between. Even the texts in the pictures. I am so proud of myself. I just came here to say that. People say one should interact more. This is me interacting.

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However, such is life, many people do not read the header or the footer or signature block.

Ah! @jackmiller2. I bet what you need is just create a 'Crankier' footer or signature block. And you are done!! };)

And yeah mate. I'm one of those almost extinct specimens on the steem blockchain, who actually still READS. 👍

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