music reggae Indonesia not blithesome

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videoIndonesian reggae music that has been sung by Jovita, the famous singer, is loved by many people.
because of her beautiful voice
reggae music. the pop! This has been updated by you tube Indonesia.
for lovers of reggae music, this is perfect for us to listen to in the morning or even in the afternoon ... Feel yourself never happy
when he sings

is a picture of a famous singer that is possible for you, this woman's music lover is not too familiar to you ,

Not blithesome looking
You're blithesome with it
I'm hurt
can't get you!
fully injured account
look. you! make out with her
I do not. blithesome view. you! blithesome
Must I? over there..with you ..
and not
should it? I? the you. love
and not him.
You must know!
that my love is more than his

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