A New Platform Needed For Reggae Music To Thrive

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Reggae music has long been considered to be an emotional outlet for many people to express their stories about injustice, protest, healing, and more.

Reggae is considered to be an overall 'feel good' type of music that has inspired and influenced many people around the world. But some reggae artists say that despite the growth this music has seen over the decades, the influence that it has had on many communities, or no matter how many reggae songs might make it to respectable numbers on the charts, there is still a deep lacking for support.

New Areas To Explore

Shaggy is one of the more well known reggae artists around the world and he has seen a great deal of success throughout his career. You might be familiar with one of his hits like "It Wasn't Me" or "Angel".

But many people probably haven't heard any of his new music in a number of years and it's a reality he says is fueled by the fact that reggae music doesn't have a solid platform around the United States, it is in desperate need for more of an international market.

There has been a glaring need for more options to distribute and share this content around the world.

“How do you get a genre to be heard when there is no format that supports it? ... That was me going against all odds and still being able to make these records that were so impactful.” - Shaggy

It is the sort of music that is traditionally associated with being played during the summer months and not much thereafter.

Because of the seeming lack of playtime later in the year, it seems that once fall comes along that radio gatekeepers in the United States drop their interest for playing Jamaican music.


As more competition has come along, thanks to streaming services and YouTube etc, it's offered more opportunity for Jamaican music to be shared and supported.

We have already seen that the K-Pop trend has continued to grow in the West and be supported on U.S. radio and more, and so some wonder if Jamaican music could be next to see a similar surge in worldwide success.

South America and Russia have been suggested as promising markets for reggae, these regions are said to be showing promise for the next market space that might show a great deal of support for this music.

There are many different genres of music around the world and reggae has previously been ranked among the top in terms of popularity and dispersion.

Thankfully, today there are many other options available to artists to get their content out into the world, rather than having to rely solely on record labels to help them get there.

Through these alternative avenues of exposure, the market has more power and opportunity to find out about those different reggae music products in the industry and to ultimately help show support.


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@doitvoluntarily, One thing is for sure and that is Reggae rised as Expression and now once again it's rising on the Blockchain Space. Stay blessed.

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interesting information thanks for sharing ..

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It's interesting when you ask people whats your favourite music, often they say something that's not Reggae. But I think Reggae would be a solid number 2 or 3 for many people, it's very agreeable.

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